The Best Colors to Include In Your Construction Logo

Did you know that about 62% of your brand’s value is intangible? This means your products and services have lesser value than, say, your branding, marketing position and business models.

That should give you some perspective on how important your branding is for gaining the trust of customers. It’s all about creating an experience and image your audience will love. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should ignore your products or services.

If you can offer something great to your customers and at the same time showcase how great of a brand you are, then you’re in the money.

Today’s consumers are loyal to brands that have vision, humanity and expertise. Your image is everything, which is why it’s important you don’t ignore your logo.

You should take into account the texture, design and colors when designing your construction logo. The psychology behind the colors you choose can greatly affect your brand.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Power of Color in a Logo

About 93% of purchases are made using visual perceptions. And nearly 84% of consumers say color is one of the top reasons for buying a particular product.

This just goes to show how important visuals and colors are. When you’re planning your construction logo, make sure to carefully select the colors you use.

How to Pick the Right Colors for Your Construction Logo

How do you want your customers to perceive your construction business? You may feel you want a logo that portrays trust, confidence and affordability.

If this is so, then the colors you want to consider include blue, yellow and orange. In fact, that’s likely why you see those same colors used by most construction-related businesses.

Take Home Depot for example – they use orange as the staple of their design. Orange is associated with affordable, friendly, happy and sociable. That suits Home Depot well.

Then look at Lowes with the blue. This stands for secure, calm, honest, caring, trustworthy and strong. Not a bad color for the rival.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what other popular colors mean:

  • Black is sophistication, seduction, authority and luxury
  • Multicolor is positive, playful, bold and boundless
  • Green is growth, organic, natural, caring and fresh
  • Purple is imaginative, creative and nostalgic
  • Red is love, energy, exciting, passionate and bold
  • Yellow is playful, optimistic, forward thinking and confident

What Other Factors Contribute to Effectiveness of Logos?

You have to take into account the shapes you use for the design, as well as the font (if there are words). For example, the FedEx logo has minimal spacing, which indicates its punctual service.

The mind translates shapes into feelings. For instance, circles, ovals and ellipses create positive emotions. Some may include love, relationships, unity and community.

Squares and triangles can create a sense of balance, strength, professionalism and efficiency. Then vertical and horizontal lines can portray masculinity, strength, tranquility and calmness.

Building an Attractive Construction Logo

This is best done with professional help. You can enlist the help of digital marketing professionals to ensure your logo meets your goals.

At DIY Logo, you can get the assistance you need to create a powerful logo for your brand. Contact us today to find out how we can help.