Achieve Greatness with These Creative Education Logo Design Ideas

education logo design ideas

Not to lay on the pressure, but your business’ logo is a big deal. It’s the face of all your marketing materials, and it’s one of the first impressions a student or parent will get of your establishment. People can decide within seconds whether they want to find out more about a school, and your logo is part of that decision.

Designing a logo is an art, not a science. Still, there are definite do’s and don’ts which will help you get the perfect logo for your school, tutoring facility, or educational organization. If you’re struggling with your education logo design ideas, these trips can get your creative juices flowing.

Education Logo Design Ideas and Tricks

When you’re trying to come up with a creative design, sometimes it does more harm than good to look through other people’s projects. It’s easy to get someone else’s design stuck in your head and end up accidentally plagiarizing them. Instead of aimlessly browsing school logos, try these tips:

Focus On the School’s Specialty

Knowing your brand is rule #1 when you’re trying to design a logo, and your school’s logo is no exception. Think about what makes your school unique. Do you specialize in a certain type of student or in a certain field? Are you known for a particular attribute?

While your logo should make it obvious that you’re a school, you need to dig deeper. Think about what makes your school unique and build it into your logo design.

Go Unique Without Being Ornate

There’s nothing more boring than seeing dozens of schools with the same basic logo. As you’re building your school’s specialty into your logo, find a way to think outside the box and give it a unique flavor, too. Your logo shouldn’t just tell students that you’re a school. It should give them a feel for what it’s like to attend your school.

At the same time, don’t go overboard and build in intricate details. For one, this can make you waste valuable time on a design that doesn’t get final approval anyway. Beyond that, those details will go to waste in many cases.

In most cases, a school’s logo won’t be more than two or three inches tall, or sometimes less. Shrink your design down to that size and you won’t even be able to see the tiny details you spent hours perfecting.

Take a look at this overly ornate school logo. The design looks great and it seems to portray a lot of information about the school. However, when the logo is shrunken down to fit onto letterhead or a pin, all those details will be lost. It’s better to put your school’s style into a simpler design so that it will be visible no matter what size it is.

Avoiding tiny details isn’t just a waste of time. It can also be a printing burden. Especially when it comes to printing shirts and other merchandise, those tiny lines don’t always print well. Your school may need to spend more for a higher-end printing company or accept the design flaking off of your logo because it’s in such thin lines that it doesn’t adhere to the fabric.

Think About the After Picture

As much as you want to make your students’ experiences enjoyable, education is a means to an end. The ultimate goal is a strong education to prepare for a brighter future.

If you’re stuck on design ideas, think about what you want students and parents to see for their future. Adding that hopefulness into your design can be a great draw.

Don’t Rely on Colors Too Heavily

Your school’s colors are among the fastest ways to portray the brand. However, they shouldn’t be the only way your logo is unique to your school’s brand.

There will inevitably be times when you need the logo to be black and white. When the color is gone, does the logo still give a sense of what your school is like? If not, you need to add more branding elements to the design itself.

Know Your Real Audience

This may sound obvious, but many designers overlook it when their logo is for a service for kids. While your students may be kids, the people choosing your school over other schools are the parents, not the kids. Fun, bright elements are great, but make sure they still appeal to parents and not just the kids.

If your school is a college or university, your job is a bit easier because the students are the decision-makers. Still, take some time to think about what may appeal to them about your school and emphasize it.

Branch Out from the Classic Pencil & Schoolhouse

It’s official: a logo of a schoolhouse, a pencil, and a book has been done. While you want your logo to portray that you’re a school, it shouldn’t look like a collection of cliches. If it does, it’s time to think outside the box.

On the other hand, don’t go so far that no one can tell what your establishment is. Take a look at this middle school’s logo, for instance. It’s a wave with the name of the mascot and the name of the town around it. It looks like the logo for a surf shop and there’s no indication that it’s a school.

Use the Outsider Test

When you think you have a good logo design, it’s time to put it to the test. Show the logo to someone who doesn’t know the school of what they specialize in. Ask them to guess what type of business this logo is for. If they can tell that it says, an engineering school, you’re in good shape. If they’re nowhere close, head back to the drawing board.

Branding Your School With a Custom Logo

These education logo design ideas can get you started toward a full branding campaign for your school. Remember, though, that this is the first step of many and that your branding will play a strong role if your school’s success.

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