9 Tips to Create the Cutest Pet Logo for Your Pet Store

pet logo

Did you know the McDonald’s golden arches are THE most recognized symbol in the world today?

They even beat out the cross as the most internationally recognized symbol.

This goes to show how valuable your logo is to your branding strategy. This being said, we’ve put together a list of 9 great tips for creating the cutest pet logo for your pet store.

1. Specify Your Pet Logo

Does your pet store specialize in products for fish or large aquariums? Then your logo should reflect that.

With large companies to compete with like Petco, you don’t want any chance your potential customer base may be confused by what your company has to offer.

Especially if your company does specialize in products for a certain animal, having a logo that reflects this will help you establish a reputation for being experts in that area.

Sometimes this is more appealing to customers than a broad company that knows a little about everything, as opposed to a company with an expertise in one animal or product type.

For example, if you are an exclusively cat and dog shop, you may consider a logo with a cat/dog silhouette to help illustrate the specialty of the goods and services you provide.

2. Consider Marketing Platforms

When designing your logo, it’s essential to keep in mind what marketing platforms you plan on using.

If you’re storefront plans to don a humongous banner out front, having small text in your logo could be readable for passers by.

However, if you’ve got a social media campaign planned, that small text won’t translate well on Twitter or Instagram.

In a similar vein, having a complex image for your logo may not be as eye-catching online when people are scrolling quickly through feeds.

A simple and easily recognizable image is more likely to stand out when you only have a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention. (Think Nike swoosh simplicity).

Other such marketing platforms to keep in mind when designing your logo include:

  • Company Website
  • Signage
  • Business cards
  • Receipts
  • Letterhead
  • Mailers or newspaper advertisements
  • Television ads
  • Various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

3. Color

Did you know that different colors evoke different emotions?

It’s scientifically proven!

That being said, the colors you select for your logo will influence the emotional response that logo elicits in your potential customers.

If you are a neighborhood pet store hoping to give off a friendly and welcoming impression, yellows or soft greens may be an appropriate palette.

However, if your pet store primarily stocks products for horse breeders, you may consider something more serious and professional like a burgundy or navy blue.

4. Fonts

We’ll keep it simple here, as fonts are similar to color in that they can evoke different emotions.

If you’re potential clientele are a more professional group, opt for a sleek and professional font.

If you’re trying to appeal to a family-oriented or everyday customer, choose a font with a more approachable air.

5. The Double Entendre

This may be one of the most fun ways to design a cute and memorable pet logo.

The idea of a visual double entendre is just a snooty way of saying; create one image that represents two ideas, or two pictures wrapped into one. It’s kind of the equivalent of a good pun…in image form.

This type of logo sticks in customer minds as it presents them with a clever mind-puzzle to intrigue and indicate two things at once.

For example, an image that can somehow indicate both the location of the store and what services it provides.

6. Don’t Do Clich?

At the risk of stating the obvious, we’ll tell you why: it’s not unique.

Sometimes trends come into the advertising arena and you may be tempted to hop on the bandwagon and design a logo with some cutesy font or layout.

Resist the urge!

Odds are, with clich? or trending logo styles your pet logo won’t stand out, won’t be memorable, and will seem outdated in 5 years.

Come up with an original logo design instead of ripping off ideas from someone else.

7. Doing Unique

Designing a unique logo naturally follows the tip, “don’t do clich?.” But, how do you achieve this?

The first thing to remember when trying to create a unique logo is that your first idea is likely your most generic.

Try branching off your initial logo idea and shape it into something that’s less likely to be duplicated by others.

One good way to do this, is to fill several pages with variations of one idea before landing on “the one.”

8. Custom Type

Perhaps this could be listed as a sub-heading of “fonts,” but it’s still a separate idea in and of itself.

Here’s why:

Having a custom type created for your pet logo ensures that no one else has a logo with similar text or writing.

While choosing the font is important as far as the emotion you want it to evoke, paying for a custom type is a separate step as it makes your logo (with the desired emotion), look like something you didn’t just scroll through the font bar to select.

A great industry example of memorable custom type would be Coca-Cola. No one can duplicate it.

9. Have a Meaning

It may be tempting to just pay to have a logo created, and then try to attach some kind of meaning to what you’ve come up with after the fact.


Having a message or vision statement associated with your pet logo beforehand can help with the brainstorming process and produce better ideas.

Customers may think all they want is a good tasting dog food, but your logo can help them feel confident that not only are they getting a good taste, but the highest quality too.

Getting Started

Designing a pet logo for your store is one of the most enjoyable parts of starting a marketing strategy.

Get started today with our helpful design tool and create your own quality logo that doesn’t break the bank.