8 Reasons a Logo Redesign is a Great Idea

logo redesign

By 2020, graphic design services will be generating revenues of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars. This growth in the industry bodes well for those who wish to do a logo redesign. It means business owners can rebrand at any time to give their company a fresh look.

Logos serve as the graphical display of the company’s identity. They act as shorthand for representing the company in marketing. They also brand the company, such as on letterheads and business cards.

Unfortunately, using a bad logo can have a negative impact on your business. It can hinder your marketing efforts and damage your reputation. It can also confuse your audience by distorting your brand message.

Keep reading to discover other reasons why logo redesign is a great idea.

Why is Logo Redesign a Great Idea?

No matter how much you love your current logo, there comes a time when you need to change it. The hard part for many business owners is knowing WHY they should make such changes.

Here are eight reasons why your company should do a logo redesign:

1. Upgrade an Old Logo to the Latest Trend

Some business owners stay with the same logo for many years. Sadly, this means the logo may become irrelevant or unappealing. The design of the logo may create the impression of not moving with the times.

As such, companies should be up-to-date with the latest design trends. This may involve going for an innovative, simple, and minimalistic design. Its look should be something the public can admire and relate to.

2. As Part of Rebranding

When a company changes its corporate image, it follows that the logo will need a change as well. This change is necessary to keep it in sync with the rebranding. Thus, there may be changes in colors, sizes, and shapes.

Companies rebrand when they realize their operations are changing. They may be offering new products or services. They could also be changing how they serve customers.

Logo shapes may change to fit this new reality. For example, geometric shapes signify strength and stability. Abstract shapes may suit companies in creative fields. Round logos are more about relationships and connecting with others.

Thus, logo changes enable the company to realign its brand to its new outlook.

3. To Stand Out

If you think about many of the big brands, you’ll notice each of them has a memorable logo. That’s not always the case for many companies. You need something that will make you stand out from your competition.

Standing out will have an impact on both your brand and your revenue. First, you’ll look like the industry leader, which is important. Second, you’ll generate a lot of sales, which reinforces the idea you are the best.

To make your logo memorable, you need to be true to your company’s personality and values. You should know what your logo represents and how to design one the right way.

4. For Marketing Purposes

One of the best ways to engage with customers is by getting them involved with company affairs. Asking the public for help starts the conversation that leads to future sales.

There’ll be a lot of public discussion about your company on many media and social channels. This allows potential customers to get to know your company and what you are selling.

In the end, they’ll feel a sense of ownership in the company when they help you redesign the logo.

5. To Change the Company Colors

Colors have a great impact on a company’s branding and marketing. Some companies make the mistake of using the right color but in the wrong context.

These colors can evoke feelings of calm, trust, excitement, and warmth. You can also use them to persuade customers to buy something.

As such, the choice of logo colors should not confuse the public. They won’t know what you represent and what your personality is. For example, it looks strange when people use red instead of green to represent environmental stuff.

6. Due to Mergers and Acquisitions

At one point, your company might grow and start acquiring other businesses. Or, it might be that a bigger company decides to merge with yours.

Merging with or acquiring a different company leads to an evolution of your mission. This means your approach to previous issues will change. For example, companies adding environmental or social reforms to their businesses.

These changes are usually reflected by a logo redesign.

7. To Fit in With the Evolving Media

Logo redesign is essential due to the emergence of different media platforms. Not only do you have to deal with print and TV but also social media. Thus, your logo must be scalable and convertible within each of these platforms.

Whatever the platform, your logo should be exciting, memorable, and attractive to viewers. This makes the audience seek more information about your company.

As a result, they’ll end up on your website where you can sell them something.

8. Having a Bigger Budget

As your company grows, you realize you must have a certain image. This means that an old, outdated, or poorly designed logo won’t cut it. With your bigger budget, you can now afford to hire great designers.

Getting a logo redesign will boost your image and give you a more professional look. It creates the impression your company provides quality goods or services.

It’s the same as a poorly dressed interviewee expecting to get the job. They don’t stand a chance unless they make a better impression. That’s why redesigning the logo is important.

Learn More About Making Great Logos

As you can see, logo redesign is crucial to the success of your business.

Despite its size, it represents your company’s personality, professionalism, and aspirations. It gives customers something they can relate to and an image of a brand they can trust.

Thus, you have to find the best designers and make sure they use the right logo elements. This involves making something simple, recognizable, memorable, and scalable. It must also have the right shape and use the right colors.

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