8 Furniture Logo Design Ideas for Your Furniture Store

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Designing the right logo for your furniture business is an important process, but can be fun at the same time. It allows you to devise a “look” for your business, which can be a creatively regarding process.

But there’s one goal: to make your business stand out, to draw in and connect with new clients.

Make sure your furniture logo emulates what your company is all about. But before you get started, here are some ideas for a dash of inspiration…

8 Furniture Logo Ideas

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Here are 8 ideas for a great furniture company logo.

1: Make a Statement

There are plenty of furniture brands out there who have a very minimalist logo. Something clean, smooth and simple.

Take Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, for example. Both are well established and much loved brands – and their logos are just words. While Pottery Barn has an easily-recognizable tall, dominant font, there’s no imagery involved. Crate & Barrel mix things up a tad by singling out the “&” between “Crate” and “Barrel.”

Choosing to make the name of your company the logo itself is a way of standing out by making a strong statement. The trick is in the font. Don’t overcomplicate with calligraphy or handwriting styles. Keep it bold and clear.

2: Color Pop

As an extension of the above tip, choose a strong, clear font but mix it up by making it a bright color, or several colors. One thing that can’t be said of Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel is that they are bright and cheery.

It’s always a good tip when trying to catch customers’ eye to go for a loud pop of color. The eye is drawn to these logos more organically.

Base it on what you sell. If you’re a company which sells fun, colorful armchairs, demonstrate this in your text logo.

3: Icon(ic)

Choose an “icon” which sums up your furniture company succinctly.

For example, cookware company Williams Sanoma use a single pineapple in their logo. This invokes imagery of cooking and food and is an aesthetically pleasing icon to use. There’s very little to be offended about when looking at a picture of a pineapple after all.

If you sell chairs, find a simplistic armchair image for your logo, or a wing-backed chair, or a tall, regal dining room seat. Use this single image at the top of your company name to show off what you’re selling and add a little extra creativity to the logo.

Similarly, if you sell “rustic” or “modern” furniture, choose an image that encapsulates this. A left, for example, for “rustic” or a sky-scraper for “modern.”

4: Silhouettes

Similar to the above, use an icon that embodies your company but keeps it black as if it is a silhouette. This is extra chic and tasteful and won’t overcomplicate things.

Any logo considered “too busy” will be off-putting to new customers.

5: One Image, a Thousand Words

If you sell a variety of furniture for a specific area of the house, select an image for your logo which embodies that part of the home.

For example, if you sell garden furniture, you might select something like a porch swing to use as your image. If you sell items for the study, perhaps use the image of a vintage captain’s desk. Or, if the living room, a floor lamp might invoke a sense of coziness and give a homey feel.

6: Let the Letters do the Talking

If your company name is a single word or made up of two or three words, use letters to demonstrate it in the logo.

This gets rid of long wording or imagery, and instead takes the initials of your company name makes a statement with just these.

For example, Restoration Hardware would be “RH.” Crate and Barrel could be styled in this was as “C&B.”

Play with the sizes and style of the lettering. Use bold fonts. You can be a little more “out there” if just going for lettering, going to calligraphy for example in this instance. Make one bigger than the other. Place one letter a little further in front of the other. Do you want lower or upper case? Or one of each?

This doesn’t tend to work with anything more than a couple of letters. It’s also a good idea to place the name of the company in full underneath this logo, in smaller, clear text.

7: Intertwining

It can be fun and eye-catching if you use an item of furniture as part of your company’s name in the logo.

For example, if you sell tables, can you incorporate a basic table image within the logo? Perhaps your company name has a “T” in it? Can this “T” be used as a way of adding a table to your furniture logo?

8: Go Out There

If your company name involves something that isn’t anything to do with furniture at all, capitalize on this in the logo design.

For example, if taking the previous example of Pottery Barn, an alternate logo for that company could be the image of a barn. This has nothing to do with what’s being sold (the company doesn’t sell barns!) but it can be used in tandem with the company name.

Make a Lasting Impression With Your Furniture Logo

It’s crucial that your furniture logo stands out from the competing brands and sellers out there. It’s all about being eye-catching and turning heads.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and start designing your new logo today. Once you’ve got it designed and out there, you can start reaching new customers and making that lasting impression.

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