7 Vital Tips for Effective Brewery Logo Design

brewery logo design

Since craft beer exploded onto the market, the growth of this industry has never stopped.

Even in the first half of 2017, craft beer production still grew by 5 percent. Although the numbers aren’t as explosive as when craft brewing first hit the scene, the public still has plenty of love for new breweries.

Are you planning to open a brewery, or just planning to revamp an existing one? Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have an excellent brewery logo design.

Many consumers (and brewers) see craft brewing as a creative industry, and your logo should reflect that. It needs to be unique and interesting, without being so esoteric that it turns people away.

What does it take to make a great brewery logo design? In this guide, we’ll break it down. Read on to learn more!

Why Does Brewery Logo Design Matter?

When it comes to brewing beer, you may think that the end product is all that matters.

Having beer that tastes great and is a pleasure to drink is important. But the logo is often what will get people to try your product in the first place.

With so much competition out there, you need to be able to set your brews apart at first glance. A logo can help.

Logos help customers learn and identify with the personality of your brand. Personality is huge in craft brewing. If it didn’t matter, people would just buy from big-box breweries instead.

Your logo can also help you target the right audience. Some craft brews might appeal more to the early-20s crowd, while others might aim to convert an older audience that grew up drinking Budweiser. Your target demographic should influence your logo design for sure.

Ready to learn how to create an awesome brewery logo design? Here are the 7 tips you’ll need to follow.

1. Choose the Right Colors

Color is something that people have an immediate reaction to. That’s why color plays a huge role in marketing – and your logo is a great place to start.

How do you want your buyers to feel about your brand? Some colors have a predictable effect. For example, many people associate green with being eco-friendly.

You can harness both the obvious and subtle emotions colors can evoke, and use them to your advantage. When it comes to beer, you may also need to think about other factors, such as the bottles your beer will go in. Beer is often in sold brown or green bottles, and you won’t want your logo to clash.

2. Consider Shape

The shape of your logo can also say a lot about your brand. No matter what, it’s important that your logo shape is easy to reproduce and looks good in all different sizes.

Think of the branded merchandise you’re likely to sell. Bottle openers, koozies, and sweatshirts are a few common things that breweries sell. Will your logo fit well on all these things?

The shape can be simple or creative. Just make sure that it looks good no matter where you put it.

3. Play With Typography

When it comes to logos, font matters.

Different fonts say different things – just think about how many people balk at the silly, immature look of Comic Sans. What will your logo’s font say?

Some breweries might want to highlight the old-fashioned art of brewing by using a classic-looking font. Other breweries take a modern, risky approach to brewing and might want to show that with a sleek sans-serif font.

No matter which font you use, it’s important to make it easy to read. Will it still be visible when your logo is shrunk down and printed on a coaster?

You might also have a separate visual part of your logo that works with or without the text.

Eventually, customers will be able to recognize your brand just from the visual symbol, even if your brewery’s name isn’t attached. But you’ll want to promote the name at first in order to become memorable.

4. Think About Imagery

As mentioned above, you’ll probably want a label that can work on some level with or without text. In order to make this work, you need to choose the right imagery for your brewery logo design.

Many breweries highlight their location using their logo design. Is there a well-known local plant or animal that might make a good logo image? How about a landmark?

Here, you can get creative. Some breweries even use abstract images, although these may not be as memorable as concrete icons.

No matter what, make sure the image isn’t too complicated. Otherwise, it will be expensive and difficult to reproduce in different formats.

5. Make it Timeless

Every craft brewer dreams of their beer becoming a staple on grocery store shelves everywhere. A timeless logo can help.

If your logo references something current, there’ s a good chance it won’t be relevant in the future. Avoid being too current with a logo that references an event, idea, or trend that won’t last.

6. Be Creative

Most craft beer drinkers are curious about trying new things and are drawn to creativity.

You don’t need to be the most “out-there” brewery on the market. A creative logo can catch the eye and convince new customers to try out your product, though.

There are many different ways to add creativity to your logo. You could have visuals designed by a local artist in colors that represent something about your community. You could create a double-entendre logo that has more than meets the eye at first glance.

Since it’s easy to convey what your product is (beer!), you don’t need to be too literal with your logo. It doesn’t need to be a bottle or an image of a hops plant (although it could be).

Make your logo something fun for customers to look at, get them thinking or laughing and they’re more likely to make a purchase.

7. Change it to Black-and-White

You don’t need to have a permanent black-and-white logo if you don’t want to. But if you have a color logo, be sure to change it to black-and-white and see how it looks. You might need to print it in black and white at some point, so be sure it translates well.

Need to Design a Brewery Logo?

Are you ready to use this knowledge to create a great brewery logo design?

We can help. Check out our simple online logo builder here.