7 Unique Packaging Ideas for Your Food Company

unique packaging ideas

The packing industry is valued at around $400 billion worldwide. It’s also the last line of communication between you and your potential customer, and can make or break their decision to purchase your product.

Think packaging isn’t a big deal? Think again.

In such a huge industry, it’s important to stand out. Your packaging is an essential aspect of your branding that can communicate your values, embody your message, and appeal to your customers’ emotions all in one fell swoop.

Keep reading for the top 7 most unique packaging ideas to set your product apart.

Mind the Details

If your product comes in a box, don’t stop at the outside. Remember that there are interior surfaces to think about as well.

These details make the experience of opening your product more fun, with little surprises along the way.

For instance, if your product is a perfume, you could print the interior of the perfume box with florals or shiny gold. People remember little details like this. This is also a great opportunity to reinforce your brand by packaging the interior with your brand colors.

Create an Experience

Rather than simply putting your product in a box, create an experience for the consumer that takes them on a little trip as they open your product. Sure, it’ll only last a few seconds, but that matters in reinforcing your brand’s values.

If your product and packaging are eco-conscious, consider writing about that on the packaging at various stages of opening it. On the front, you could write: “you’re about to help save the environment by opening this package.” On the inside, beneath the product itself, you could continue with: “you just helped the earth by choosing a sustainable product.”

Regardless of your branding and mission, there’s a way to design your packaging to make it more than just a box.

Consider the Product

Think about the product you’re packaging as you design. Is the product usually given as a gift? If so, you could include some confetti inside to reinforce the idea of opening a gift.

Is the product usually bought as a treat for oneself? If so, have the packaging reflect your customer’s decision to treat themselves. Make it luxe, or include stickers or other free add-ons to make them feel even more special.

Take some time to envision your consumer opening your product.

Why did they purchase it? How are they feeling? Play on these emotions to take your packaging to the next level.

Make It Sensory

Your consumers have five senses. Use them.

Captain Morgan recently released a rum with a scratch-and-sniff bottle. It’s said to smell like the flavored drink it holds. Sniff it once and the consumer is sold, thinking “ooh, I want to drink that!”

Interesting textures encourage consumers to pick up products to feel them, which is step one in getting them to purchase it.

Purina’s Fancy Feast treats feature a closure system which is audibly satisfying to both owners and cats alike. Owners love that their kitties can hear the package being opened, watching them scurry over for a treat. These are the types of sensory details in packaging that make lifelong customers!

Let Them Keep It

Plastic is polluting our oceans at an alarming rate. By the year 2050, it’s estimated that the world’s oceans will hold more plastic by volume than fish.

With that in mind, it’s hard to consider designing packaging that can’t be recycled or at least reused.

Reusable packaging isn’t just a score for the environment; it’s a score for your consumers and for you, too.

When it comes to your consumers, they’ll be excited at the additional value that your product has provided them. This creates a bond of trust between your consumers and you which will keep them coming back for more.

When it comes to you, you can save money on packaging by offering refills of your product sans packaging for consumers who’ve already purchased your product once. This’ll also keep your consumers reusing your product to fill their container. This is one of the top packaging hacks that creates lifelong customers.

Check out this household cleaner which comes in a porcelain bottle in order to be reused as a vase afterward!

Think Outside the Box (Literally)

Innovative design is all about pushing the envelope, or in this case, the box.

Don’t limit yourself to boxes. Take some time to brainstorm cunning packaging design that reflects the product itself.

Take the Nike Air product packaging, for instance. They’re suspended in a transparent air cushion, designed to reflect the value of the product and make the buying experience more special.

This NYC spaghetti is packaged in the shape of the Empire State building. It’s a sneaky packaging surprise that only unveils itself after the consumer has opened the box, creating a cult following of consumers who want the experience of opening it themselves after seeing it social media.

This orange juice package is circular in shape as a whole, with smaller juice boxes fitting together to create the shape of an orange. The “orange” is then placed in red netting to emulate the way oranges are packaged at the supermarket. Clever!

Make It Useful

Consumers remember packaging design that was useful to them. This is a big one if your product is designed with convenience in mind.

Take this coffee lid, for instance. Designed for the coffee drinker on the go, the lid is able to hold two creamers and a few sugar packets neatly. For someone juggling their phone, briefcase, breakfast, and a coffee, that’s an incredibly valuable feature that would incentivize them to purchase again.

This cord packaging can be ripped off and used as a tie to keep the cords in place. For someone prone to the spaghettifying of cords and no knowledge of where to purchase little twist-ties, this is a super valuable feature.

Unique Packaging Ideas as a Branding Strategy

Unique packaging ideas aren’t just fun. They’re used to reinforce brand identities and create user experiences that make a product memorable.

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