7 Tips to Creating Peaceful Yoga Logos for Your Yoga Studio

Yoga Logos

In ages past, companies would mark their goods with a symbol or mark to help make them easily trackable. This practice formed part of the history of the trademark.

The other use of these marks started to be brand awareness. Consumers looked forward to seeing a boat arrive with the familiar East Inaida Company mark on the side. This told them that quality products had arrived.

Capitalizing on this trend, modern logos work to set apart a company from the competition. They also need to invoke combinations of loyalty and confidence.

Yoga logos prove tricky creations within the logo world. They need to thread the needle between branding and loyalty with a touch of tradition. Logos have been shown to have intrinsic and extrinsic value and few businesses understand this like yoga studios.

Building an eye-catching logo can be the key to not only foot traffic but the longevity of a business. People enjoy associating with brands and sporting memorable logos.

Check out these tips for making your logo a marvel.

1. Think Holistically for Yoga Logos

The first step in creating a yoga studio logo sets the groundwork for the other steps. Consider all of the elements a logo can have and what you want it to say.

Remember that logos reflect a combination of concepts. These include business sense, personal aesthetic, and practical imagery.

Some people like to contact a professional logo design company or consultants early on for help in design basic. Others want to get through a rough draft first.

Either way, remember that a logo shouldn’t be too busy. While including a dozen excellent ideas into one tiny package may sound like the best idea, in practice each element tends to muddy the others.

Like in other aspects of life, simplicity and core discipline will yield the best results. Consider the following tips as well for ideas on what to layer and how to layer your logo.

2. Use Color

Advances in printing have pushed out the adage “an effective logo should be reproducible in black and white.”

Color brings a lot of different options to logo design and can enhance a design by adding a combination of temperature and personality.

Color also doesn’t need to be static or blocky. Gradients and opalescent hues take little to reproduce and provide some polish and zing.

Use traditional colors associated with yoga. Colors such as orange, blue, and purple may inspire and show a sense of solidarity and engagement with the practice.

Avoid clashing colors or garish colors which unnerve people. Color theory has shown that some shades of red and the yellower greens produce senses of unease in viewers.

3. Invoke Motion

On that note, incorporate a sense of the grace and peace of yoga within the design by adding the illusion of motion.

Stretched and poised lettering create spaces to demonstrate motion and fluidity. Additional lines can set off otherwise tame yoga brand logos. Motion builds quickly so remember to keep the motion elements to a minimum or you will invoke chaos instead of relaxation.

The motion should also work in one direction or complimentary directions. A logo with outward facing motion or inward facing motion both work. some inward and some outward facing will upset a viewer.

Symmetry is key in reflecting clear motion in a yoga logo.

4. Stay Traditional

Many yoga designs benefit from tapping into the rich tradition of yoga in general. Consider imagery and symbols drawn from the past.

Lotus flowers instantly evoke a sense of the east. Trees bring in a touch of nature and oneness thereof.

Circles and sacred geometry offer calming visuals and offset a logo. This is important, especially as more stark and profit-minded business designs favor power and sharp angles.

Sitting and posing figures, especially of Bodhi figures or goddesses, tie together busier elements with a sense of purpose.

Avoid complicated poses which combine overly busy elements with intimidation to new enthusiasts. Simple poses read better while also inviting lay people to give classes a try.

5. Evoke Emotion

A solid emotional engagement with a log makes for a memorable logo. A yoga studio logo doesn’t want to evoke negative feelings of terror, dominance, or pain.

Consider the sense of emotion that separates a martial arts class logo from a yoga studio logo. The martial arts logo wants to invoke power and instant action. The yoga logo wants to create a sense of core or inner strength and adaptation.

Both may utilize a pose and motion and even some of the same colors but the emotion should read differently.

6. Use Natural Roots

We’ve already touched on nature imagery but expand that concept to the touches of nature. Utilizing roots or branches to accent letters or to weave into sacred geometry ties two elements together seamlessly.

Poses built out of a blossoming flower or knitting branches evoke motion and emotion in one go.

Calming but stark colors can be added and read naturally. Change up the expectation by adding an unnatural touch. A bright colored bulb or leaf may make a logo more memorable.

7. Make It Personal

Finally, what will set your logo apart from other yoga studio logos is you. Add some of your own personality and aesthetic to the logo. Whether this comes from using your name, a favorite pose, or a familiar aesthetic the viewer will resonate with what resonates with you.

A personal logo will also help you to brand and sell your practice with conviction. This is about selling a piece of yourself to help others in finding themselves. By offering something of yourself in the exchange, you invite others to do the same.

Stand Out

Logo building takes a lot of thought and effort to coalesce the essence of a business into a simple image.

Yoga logos offer a unique challenge from their need to stand out but also remain true to the practice. For this and other logo ideas, we have a blog compiling logo tips and tricks for all types of businesses.