7 Tips For a Sports Logo Design That Scores Every Time

sports logo design

Last May, the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed their new sports logo design for the 2017-18 season. According to Tracy Marek, the Cavs’ chief marketing officer, the redesign better reflects the team’s current brand identity and growth.

Now, there are actually different reasons why a sports team may want to rethink its logo design. They might do it to boost sales (new logo equals new merchandise for fans). Another reason would be to mark a new era in the franchise (e.g. when the Houston Oilers changed names to the Tennessee Titans).

No matter the reason for the redesign though, it’s important to note that not all changes are good. Sometimes it could go horribly wrong. So if you’re tasked with creating or changing a sports logo design, you should keep in mind the following tips.

1. Make It Timeless

You want to freshen up your sports logo and give it a more modern feel but you also don’t want to alienate older fans. What this means is you should always opt for a timeless design – one that will hold well whether it’s today or a decade or more into the future.

2. Make It Versatile

Your sports logo design isn’t just going to appear on the players’ uniforms. There’s also merch such as coffee mugs, shirts, pens, and so on.

You should also consider platforms such as mobile phones, laptops, television, and arena signage. Is your logo recognizable in all of these mediums? Your logo should be versatile enough that it works everywhere.

3. Be Creative

For new teams, it’s important to choose a logo that’s original but not boring. It also applies to established teams who are looking to breathe new life into their old logos.

If you’re working with a professional designer, be clear on what visual elements you like. Be detailed but also try to be open to new ideas.

4. Incorporate Important Elements

Does the team come from a place with a famous landmark? Can you reference the city’s most important industry (e.g. Pittsburgh Steelers)?

Remember that fans aren’t just loyal to the team. Their first attachment is the city where the team hails from.

5. Be On-Brand

Don’t confuse fans with inconsistent messaging. Your sports logo design should be consistent with what the brand stands for. If you’re including colors and elements that aren’t representative of the team, you’re not capturing its true identity.

6. Keep It Simple

Busy designs aren’t as versatile as simple ones. They’re harder to translate into different platforms and they’re also not as memorable.

If you’re designing a sports logo from scratch, don’t overthink things and bombard it with too many elements. There’s elegance in simplicity and simple designs also hold up well over time.

7. Work with the Best

That doesn’t mean you should only work with high-profile designers. There are plenty of talented people who can deliver what you need as long as you’re clear with your instructions.

Now if you’re trying to keep costs reasonable, you can also look at tools such as an online logo maker. They’re not just fast and easy to use. You also get full branding and customizable designs.

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