7 Tips for How to Create Attractive Collegiate Logos for Your University

collegiate logos

Take a look at the shirt you’re wearing right now. Does it have a huge logo of your old school right on the chest? Is it at least doused with your school colors? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, then your school probably had a pretty effective logo.

Every University needs a logo that’s going to keep students wearing their memorabilia for years to come. It should state what the school’s founding beliefs are while being pleasing to the eye.

Here are 7 tips for creating attractive collegiate logos.

1. Consider Using a Book for the Main Icon

There are some designers who believe a book is the perfect main focus for a logo. If you go by first impressions, a book is a fast and straightforward way to inform the viewer that the logo is indeed supposed to represent a school. There is no room for confusion because when people see a book they associate it with studying.

The book idea can be neat when combined with text and perhaps something for flavor, like a lightbulb.

2. A Pencil is Always Iconic

Another thing that people will always associate with a university is a pencil. When people see supplies like pencils, pens, or notebooks it makes the viewer think of studying or school work.

A pencil is a classic look that conveys right away what your business is all about. There is no need for guessing games.

3. Graduation Caps are Also an Option

Having a graduation cap as the main focus in your logo will also create a great first impression with the viewer.

When you see it, you will automatically think of a university and it represents the end goal of the business. For students to walk across the stage.

4. It Needs to be Simple

The simplicity of the logo should be the top priority of the designer. There should not be a heavy use of fonts and colors. It just looks cluttery and is really off-putting to the eyes.

If you want the logo to represent the courses offered by the school that’s easy if say, it’s a music school. If that’s the case then, by all means, add in music notes but if the school offers a wide variety of courses you can’t really plaster all of them in one college logo.

The University of Texas is a good example of simple. It remains one of the most iconic college sports logos in the world and all it’s made up of is a red silhouette of a longhorn. It works as a simple color design and it mixes well with their “Hook em’ Horns” hand sign.

The logo for the University of Oregan is also a great example of simplicity. It’s a simple O shape but it has a hidden meaning. The inside O represents the school’s track and the outside O, it’s football field.

Simple hidden meanings like this are a great idea for any school logo.

5. It Should Always Look Professional

The logo should always look clean and professional. As we talked about above, it should be free of clutter and easy on the eyes. The viewer should only have one focus to look at, not a dozen.

The logo not only represents the message of the school but also encourages its students to appreciate the value of education. Education isn’t messy, it’s supposed to be rewarding.

6. Make it Stand Out

One of the most important aspects of collegiate logos is they have to stand out from all the other institutions in the area.

It should accurately represent the school’s academic activities while also being fresh and different. The logo also has to be flexible because most of the time it’s going to go on a lot of different things.

It will go in emails, or on the top of applications, letters, and other official school documents.

You need to prepare it to be worn on clothing that students will wear to represent the school, or on memorabilia like coffee mugs, key chains, and even umbrellas.

When your logo looks great on items that your students use outside of campus that attracts more potential students like their family, friends, or just random bystanders who liked their shirt.

There are a lot of logos out there that stand out from the crowd. Notre Dame’s “Fighting Irish” logo is one of these. It’s unique and while some might say the cartoony Irishman is unprofessional it most certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Another powerful logo is the Bowdoin polar bear. The image of the bear in the photo is incredibly composed and calm. It draws you in with a sense of trust.

7. Pay Attention to the Color Scheme

The color scheme should always match the type of education that you’re trying to provide. Again, it needs to look professional and have a special touch of education and learning in there too.

For example, bright colors work perfectly fine for a daycare but if you’re going to be providing education to mature, fully grown college students, the brightness won’t translate as well.

Create Collegiate Logos Students will Be Proud to Wear

Your Collegiate logos are going to be plastered to everything from sports jerseys and hoodies, to umbrellas and official documents. You have to make sure you have a simple design that’s going to not only be memorable but readable. You want to stand above the competition and show potential students that you are worth the long application process.

Are you ready to create a logo for your college or university? Contact us to find out how we can get you started.