7 Tips for Creating a Plumbing Logo for Your Business

plumbing logo

As a business owner, you know the importance of logos. At least, you should.

Your logo is the thing that will bring your business to mind, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. And with so many plumbers to go around, you want something that stands out.

What represents you? What would make potential customers think of your services over someone else’s?

Asking yourself these questions will set you on your way to creating a great plumbing logo.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas, or not afraid to spend a bunch of cash, there are great design options out there for you.

Unsure of where to start? Here are seven tips for creating an unforgettable plumbing logo.

1. The Classic Plumbing Logo

It’s pretty common for a plumbing logo to include an image of a drippy faucet or at least some pipes. While you’ll see this look from several other plumbers, you may find advantages in doing the same.

Logos are great for identifying companies and services in a split second. Going with the traditional look will immediately get the message out that you’re a plumber.

It’s possible to still stand out when going with the classic look. Think of ways to include the typical imagery while using a style that’s all your own.

2. Keep it Cool With Colors

Typical plumbing logos will include the colors white, blue, or black. Silver and gray are likely to show up as well if pipes are involved.

These colors offer an inviting look that also tells the story of what you’re offering.

Experimenting with colors can add uniqueness to your logo, so don’t be afraid to try it. However, bright, loud colors such as pink or red may not get your point across very well. People don’t usually associate those colors with plumbing.

3. Highlight Your Brand Name

One of the main points of having a logo is to highlight your company. The human brain can process a logo in less than half a second, so you don’t want your logo to look like everyone else’s.

In creating your logo, make sure your company name is clear. The font should be large and simple. While graphics are great they shouldn’t overshadow the name!

The company’s name should be front and center, so start from there. Then experiment by adding different styles of font or imagery that don’t draw too much attention or make it hard to read.

Something eye-catching is great. You’re trying to grab attention, after all, but don’t detract from the company’s name itself.

4. Add a Sidekick or Icon

For a quick identifier, create an iconic character for your company. An animal or person will work just fine, just make sure they’re your own.

Don’t forget to keep it simple here, too, though. You don’t need anything too crazy. But having a character will help customers instantly identify your company before they’ve even read your name in the logo.

Visuals are easily recognizable and quickly compute in our brains, so this is a great way to get your logo stuck in peoples’ minds.

Go for something that isn’t overdone. If other local plumbers use dogs in their logos, go for something else.

5. Keep Fonts Simple

When creating your logo, the font you choose plays a big part in the look and feel you’ll accomplish. As we’ve mentioned with other aspects here, you want to keep this simple.

There are many types of fonts to choose from, and the one you go with could make or break your logo.

Fancy, overly unique fonts won’t be easy to read and people won’t want to spend the time trying to figure out what they say. Simple, bold lettering is better.

Again, uniqueness is okay, as long as you don’t overdo it. Make sure your logo doesn’t look cluttered or complicated. Start with something simple, then add some personal flair without going overboard.

6. Choose Your Own Symbol

While dripping water and pipes are common symbols for plumbers, you don’t have to stick with that look. Don’t depart too much from the services you provide, though.

Remember, we want customers to see what you provide after a simple glance. You can add some personal touches here, though.

Say, for instance, your company name is “Three Rivers Plumbing” and you want a unique look. Why not incorporate a river (or three) somehow in your design?

Maybe you have some pipes that snake around your company name like a river but have pipe endings. This incorporates your unique name while still showing that the images are meant to be pipes.

Or, turn that drippy faucet image into a faucet whose water flow becomes a river.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Just don’t go so far that people end up staring at your logo trying to figure out what your meaning was.

7. Include Multiple Layers

You don’t want your logo to be a one-liner. It needs to fit in a small space and be easily understood by the brain. Try bringing your graphics and words together in a way that reflects more of a central look than one that’s spread out.

Using two rows of lettering can help with this. You’ll especially want to follow this tip if your company name is particularly long. Having multiple rows of lettering will allow for more words in a tighter area.

For some uniqueness, experiment with more vertical layouts. Many logos are horizontal. Shaking things up could get your point across while still looking great.

Plumbing Logo Inspiration

There’s plenty of inspiration to be found around you as you decide what to add to your plumbing logo design.

Whatever you go with, make sure your company name and the services you provide are front and center. Those are the points you want to get across when someone sees your logo.

The best plumbing logos are those that showcase the company’s uniqueness while utilizing simplicity. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a logo to be proud of.

Contact us today and we’ll help address your specific logo-related questions!