7 Signs Your Logo Needs an Update

Could your logo be the secret reason for decreased revenue this year in your business?

A logo is a key facet of branding, and it is often the first thing a customer sees in visiting your website or store.

The art of a well-designed logo can broadcast your brand’s identity and values quickly and effectively in the marketplace.

However, it is possible that your current logo is no longer serving this purpose if it outdated.

Businesses can adapt and grow very quickly, and if a logo does not reflect these expansions and adaptations, it isn’t working.

There are quite a few signs to look out for in deciding whether or not a new or redesigned logo is needed.

Here are seven key signs that it’s time for a logo update in your business.

1. The Logo Doesn’t Attract Web Traffic

In terms of sales, web traffic is extremely important in generating profitable leads.

If your traffic has consistently been on the decline, it is worthwhile to consider your logo.

This is also true if your site has a high bounce rate, and users are not spending much time on the site. Moreover, the less time they spend on the site, the less likely they are to make a purchase.

In determining strategies to increase web traffic and decrease bounce rates, question if your logo may partially be to blame.

A successful logo will help almost instantly communicate your brand to potential buyers, and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

2. The Logo Was Not Digitally Designed

Hand-designing a logo is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great way to brainstorm logo ideas and piece together a great logo.

But, the closer you get to finalizing a logo, the more time you should spend on a digital platform.

Digital platforms offer hundreds of different components that are simply impossible to accomplish otherwise.

Therefore, considering checking out a graphic arts tool during your logo design to make sure your company gets the most out of it.

3. The Logo is Too Complex

Minimalism is in, and complicated logos are a thing of the past. The more simple, the better in the world of 2018.

Even big companies like Instagram, Nike, and AT&T have simplified their logos in recent years.

The problem with overly complex logos is that it confuses consumers, and can send contradictory messages.

Therefore, in order to stick with psychology, it is best to keep designs minimal, clear and simple.

4. The Logo Doesn’t Make Business Rebranding

Did your business undergo a massive, recent rebranding? Was the logo considered as part of this rebranding?

This is extremely important in terms of your competition. Continual analysis of brand identity is vital to a successive and thriving business.

Even if others in the industry have not undergone a rebranding, it is important not to wait for this to happen. The goal should be to become a leader in brand identity in that field.

Logos are an essential part of all of this, as they serve as a key component to brand identity. Therefore, in undergoing a rebranding, don’t forget to consider the logo.

5. The Logo Color Scheme is Off

Color can make or break a logo in terms of visual appeal. A poor color scheme can push consumers away from your brand, rather than towards it.

The chosen colors should give off the desired message while honoring simplicity and aesthetics.

Additionally, colors can increase conversion rates, and even provoke certain emotions in potential buyers.

In creating a logo design, keep color psychology in mind, as it has led to exponential growth in companies that do so.

It is also a good idea not to include too many colors in the logo update, as this can also be visually unappealing.

6. The Logo Has Grown with The Company

If it has been ten years since the company has undergone a logo update, then now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A logo should reflect any expansions, or adaptations a business has made over the years. Using the same logo regardless of change can complicate conversion and leads.

Therefore, consider any recent changes your company and brand has undergone since the last logo update, and try to include those in a fresh logo.

For example, if you are a selling a new product in your stores, think about how the product fits in with your overall brand. Then, consider how you might include this into a design.

7. The Logo Isn’t Taking Advantage of Technology

In the event that your logo was designed before the modern era of cell phones, and apps, it may be time for a logo update.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a logo that in digitally-friendly, and compatible with mobile phones.

This will help your business take advantage of more digital sales and contribute to overall brand awareness.

Moreover, there is much more opportunity to customize your logo design using online software.

Lastly, consider how the logo may work better on your website or on an app when you are redesigning it. This will make it much easier for you as your business grows.

Final Thoughts on a Logo Update

A logo update can be a stressful and overwhelming time, especially if you are also beginning a rebrand.

It is important to take many different factors into account in the design, from color schemes to simplicity.

In addition, a logo update may require you to delve deeper into your brand before beginning it.

Therefore, an online, do-it-yourself software can make the entire design process much easier.

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