7 Inspiring Photography Logo Ideas to Consider for Your Business

photography logo ideas

When it comes to branding your photography business, you need to be spot on. Your brand holds significant influence on current and potential customers, therefore making it a big component of your business’s economic value.

If you think brand logos don’t matter, try telling that to Google, Facebook, or Amazon. Your photography logo could be the only impression you have to gain a new customer. So…you have to make it count!

We’re here to help you out with your photography brand logo. Read on to see seven inspiring photography logo ideas to consider for your business and enhance sales success.

As a side note: You can use a free logo maker after checking out these examples to create your own brand logo. Simple to use, straightforward design, and high-quality logos are in your future!

1. Be Clever and Unique Like Amazon

Ingenuity is the foundation of innovation. As a brand, you want to be innovative, new, hip, and above all unique. With a keen eye for style and design, you can create photography logo ideas that are clever, which builds a story behind the logo.

For instance, Amazon’s logo has an arrow going from the first “A” to the “Z” in their name. Essentially, they have everything “from A to Z” and will ship it to you in two days or less. Amazon’s marketing team created this logo to show their commitment to customers.

Show your commitment as well. When you have a photography business, you can use camera shutters, film roles, and other picture-centric symbols in your logo. This works really well when in combination with either your business name or acronym.

For example, if your company’s name is PhotoSynthesis, you can make the “o” a camera shutter. Or, you can condense it to PS, shaped in the form of a sideways winking smile somehow. Play around, get super creative, and develop your brand logo with the same attitude as your business’s mission.

2. Know Your Brand Like Apple

Realize your business is a photography business. It isn’t a restaurant, a social media platform, or an Etsy shop. It’s all about photos and capturing moments for you.

Apple knew their brand too. The iconic apple has a “byte” missing from its shape. This has a history, a backstory with purpose. Steve Jobs had a basement and the knowledge but barely any funding or support; hence, the missing byte.

What’s your company’s story? How can you integrate that into your photography logo idea? Think about what part of your business’s history can be applied to the overall look and feel of your business flag (i.e. your logo).

3. Use Color to Your Advantage Like Google

This is huge for a photography brand. Technicolor (duh), Polaroid, and other photo-based brands use color extensively in their logos. Because photography is light, color, emotion shown through hues and dyes.

Google is a fantastic example of color. Red, blue, green, and yellow letters, each different from the last, along with a simple “G” with all four colors. They take the four most popular color types and combine them with their unique name to create something truly magical (not to mention instantly recognizable).

Color cannot be overstated for your photography logo idea. Design a handful of logos (your full business name, an abbreviated one, a small symbol) and splash them with any color in the rainbow.

4. Choose a Logotype or Typeface Like Coca-Cola

Make your logo memorable. That’s the goal. Interestingly enough, how your words appear makes all the difference in how you remember a logo.

If you were to use Coca-Cola’s typeface in any other context, you could piece together that the font is from every Coke bottle ever made. Just like Courier or Times New Roman, you would immediately recognize Subway’s arrowed letters or Ford’s fancy cursive.

Design your own typeface for your photography brand logo. This will enhance your memorability in customers’ minds.

5. Keep it Simple Like Adidas

Find details in your design that you use time and time again. Creating new logos but maintaining the same original logo look with a fresh feel creates trust and excitement.

Take Adidas: They’re always revamping their logo, creating different designs for their apparel and clothing. Yet they always include the same three parallel lines in all of them. The connection is there, so people recognize, even if it’s simply the lines, “Oh, that’s an Adidas item.”

Embrace simplicity and find something that both exemplifies your company and can be rehashed in numerous ways for future logos.

6. Have Patience and Adapt Like Starbucks

Not going to lie, your first logo is probably going to be terrible. Fear not, most businesses deal with this particular learning curve.

The proof is in the coffee; Starbucks started out with a brown logo that looked like a WWE champion belt and a pudgy, unsightly mermaid offering “Coffee o Tea o Spices.” Definitely night and day between that and their current logo; still in business, the most popular coffee joint has a green logo, simple circle, and the white outline of a more attractive mermaid.

Learn from your logo’s mistakes. Adapt, research, survey the crowds, and continue to have a finger on the pulse of your industry. Your photography logo idea might be your baby, but it needs to mature like all other babies.

7. Focus on Products Like Levis or the NBA

People buy your products and services because they want or need them. So why not bank on that fact? Use your tangible product in your logo.

Levis jeans have a discernible pocket design; ever notice how the bottom of their logo looks fairly familiar? Or what about the NBA, blatantly putting a basketball player into their logo? These brands don’t only want to be known by their name, they want to be known as a top brand in their industry.

Give your potential customers zero doubt as to what you offer. Put photos, cameras, and other photography paraphernalia into your photography logo ideas. This will give your business instant credibility and helps you stick in people’s minds.

Use These Photography Logo Ideas to Upgrade Your Company

Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration from these photography logo ideas. Take their details and use them to enhance your own brand’s logo. Once you do, you’ll see just how vital your logo is to the overall success of your photography business.

If you want more advice or inspiration for creating your own branded logo, contact us and we’ll get you on the right track.