7 Dazzling Dentist Logo Design Ideas

dentist logo

Did you know that as of 2016, there were at least 196,441 dentists working in the US?

That’s right.

With so much competition out there, designing a dentist logo which makes you stand out from the crowd is absolutely essential.

Your logo should be simple, memorable, and unique, encouraging patients to get in touch and make their first appointment with you. The wrong logo could make your practice look dated or unprofessional, and might not do justice to the great work you do.

Are you feeling low on logo inspiration?

Don’t worry – just keep reading to get inspired by six awesome dental logo design ideas.

1. Geometric Tooth Design

Geometric patterns became seriously popular in 2017, and not just in home design – they’re also a great way to create modern, eye-catching logos.

Creating a stylized tooth made up of different colored triangles is a fun way to demonstrate what you do without being too obvious.

Using a variety of shapes to make up the tooth allows you to experiment with color, which is ideal if you have three or four brand colors you’d like to incorporate, then use across the rest of your branding.

You might go for a bright, fun look with several different shades of blue, or could keep it neutral with different shades of grey.

Geometric designs are the perfect way to show that you’re modern and approachable, which is ideal for new practices.

2. Stylized Letter ‘D’

It’s important that your dentist logo makes what you do clear, and a simple letter ‘D’ is a classy solution.

You might choose to design a large letter in a traditional font, with your full practice name underneath it. Alternatively, you could use a simple image, like a tooth or smile, then cut a letter D from the center.

The font you choose will make a huge difference to how people view your practice, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

Do you want to come across as modern or traditional? Playful or serious?

One letter can convey a lot about your brand, so you need to get it right.

3. Anthropomorphized Teeth

Do you want to create a dentist logo that makes your brand look playful, approachable, and fun?

We’ve got you covered.

Creating a design which incorporates anthropomorphized teeth is a lot of fun, and offers you plenty of room to play around.

For a family practice, you could show a whole family of teeth, each with different expressions. For a practice that specializes in treating kids, you could show a pair of teeth playing on the swings.

A distinguished tooth with a top hat and mustache could be fun for more traditional practices that don’t want to appear too serious.

Creating a fun character is an excellent way to make your dentist logo stand out.

4. Local Landscape Design

When it comes to choosing a dentist, location matters.

Few people want to travel miles to every appointment, so a logo which makes your location clear is a great way to attract local residents.

If you’re in a city, you could use a skyline filled with tower blocks and skyscrapers, underscored with your practice name. If you’re in a rural area, you could display one specific local landmark, or create an image which accurately reflects local life.

Want to add some extra fun and novelty?

Try turning one of the skyscrapers into a toothbrush, or swapping a house for a small tooth.

Get creative and think about what will appeal to locals, and you’ll soon be onto a winner.

5. Tooth Combined with Computer Mouse

Technology is changing the way dentists operate, and patients are reassured when they know that you’re on the cutting edge of new developments.

To show that you’re running a modern practice and know how to use tech, consider incorporating a computer mouse or other piece of kit into your logo.

You could design a tooth which splits off halfway through and turns into a computer mouse. Alternatively, you could use a computer monitor with a tooth displayed on it.

The specific items you use aren’t important – you just need a good combination of dentistry and technology.

Get it wrong, and your patients might think you’re running a computer repair shop. Get it right, and they’ll know you’re the most technologically-advanced dentist around.

6. Practice Name Underscored with Smile

Is there any better symbol of the good work done by dentists than a healthy, dazzling smile?

We don’t think so.

If you fancy a simple logo but want to add a little something extra, a design which combines your practice name with a stylized smile is a great move.

You could position the smile beneath the text, as a way or underlining it, or up above to grab attention.

Experiment with different colors, styles, and positions, and you’ll soon find a combo that works perfectly for you.

7. Crossed Toothbrushes

Crossed logo designs are seriously trendy nowadays, and there’s no reason you can’t jump onboard with your dentist logo.

A pair of crossed toothbrushes are a fun way to represent your practice and will work really well if you have a social media presence and want to use your logo as your profile picture.

You’ll have space to add extra elements, like your location, or the year you were established, at the top and bottom of the design.

Positioning your practice name at the bottom of the logo usually works well to create a nice visual separation.

How to Create a Winning Dentist Logo

To create a winning logo for your practice, you need to be clear on who your target patients are, have a good idea of the kind of image you want to portray, and be willing to experiment.

We recommend sketching out a range of ideas, then creating several prototypes and getting feedback from others.

It might be a little more time-consuming, but you’ll be left with a logo that perfectly represents your practice for years to come.

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