7 Creative Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

creative logo design

Given the massive number of company logos out there, creating one for yourself may seem daunting. You may start asking yourself how on earth you’re going to create something unique.

This desire to create a logo that sets you apart may cause you to get a little carried away when coming up with a concept. Unfortunately, this will probably hurt your end result.

Implementing creative logo design is both an art and science. Pulling it off well will likely help your bottom line tremendously.

In fact, 59% of consumers prefer buying from brands they’re familiar with. So, how do you create something people will remember?

It helps to know what not to do. Before conceptualizing your logo, check out these seven mistakes you should avoid.

1. Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to creative logo design, simplicity is your greatest tool.

Think of it this way – it’s easier to remember less. The more information you try to fit into your logo, the more your audience must absorb.

A lot of this simplicity has to do with typography. This is the arrangement and style of the words in your logo. You need to make it as minimal as possible.

The same goes with imagery. Trying to stuff too many symbols and colors into your design will make it appear cluttered.

Instead, keep space in mind and try to utilize it well. The logos people remember most are actually the simplest concepts. Going overboard will likely drive people away.

2. Using Stock Art

If you’re trying to achieve a unique logo, the last thing you want to do is use stock artwork. This is imagery that’s available to anyone.

If you do this, you risk someone else using it for their own logo or on their site. The point is, you want your logo to be the only place a person sees that image.

Using stock imagery can drastically bring down your credibility in the eyes of consumers.

In addition, you could potentially face copyright or licensing issues down the road. Doesn’t it seem more productive to work with a professional designer who can create something original from scratch?

3. Choosing the Wrong Font

Along with the design and positioning of the typography in creative logo design, the font style is very important.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a font just because it looks good on its own. You’ll risk getting stuck with something that doesn’t work or that you hate three months down the road.

When choosing your font style, make sure you abide by the rule of simplicity discussed above. Remember, the most important thing is that people can easily read and remember your logo.

You should also consider the industry you’re in. The logo for a tattoo parlor wouldn’t use the same font as the logo for a dressmaker.

Do your research and if you can’t find something you like, have a custom font created.

4. Avoid Special Effects

If your logo needs a lot of special effects in order to make it memorable, you need to rethink it altogether.

Special effects and too much color distract from the company name or symbol. Too many bells and whistles won’t impress your audience.

The best thing you can do when starting out is to only use black and white. Design the basic shape and only add special effects if absolutely needed.

Good creative logo design maintains the original idea and gracefully accentuates it. If you’re relying on other elements to make your idea work, it’s time to start over.

5. Following Logo Trends

Design trends, especially on the web, come and go quickly. Jumping on a style that’s trending now means your logo will likely be out of style next year.

Besides, you want to remain unique, right?

If you emulate a logo that’s popular right now, there’s a good chance your audience will notice. This is a good way to lose credibility fast.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind there are design techniques that are popular right now and have been for years. For example, minimal design has done well on the web for quite some time.

You want to employ these modern techniques without taking too much inspiration from existing logos. It’s a difficult balancing act, but if you can pull it off, you’ll have a design that works wonders for you.

6. Don’t Get Too Artsy

Getting too abstract is an easy trap to fall into, especially when you’re trying to stand out.

Unfortunately, getting too artsy can potentially confuse your audience. It may also seem transparent.

You want to be unique, not seem like you’re trying to be unique.

Instead, think about your business and what sets you apart from others in your industry. You may not see it at first, but there could be something about your business that you can integrate into your logo.

It’s important to find that simple element that makes a logo pop instead of forcing it with abstract art.

7. Going with Monogram

How many times have you seen a monogrammed logo of a company’s initials? We’ve been talking about the benefits of simplicity a lot, but this is one instance when it’s a mistake.

If you’re a young business, creating a logo with just your initials or an acronym doesn’t tell your audience anything. These types of logos only work for well-established companies.

Someone who sees a monogrammed logo and doesn’t know what it stands for isn’t going to take the time to figure it out. You’ll have a hard time building a reputation and setting yourself apart.

Perform Creative Logo Design the Right Way

Establishing your first logo is exciting, but what’s more exciting is creating one that you can be proud of. Take the common mistakes discussed above into consideration when thinking about your design.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. Creative logo design is most effective when a good idea is executed well.

If you need experienced help creating your logo design, we can assist you. Contact us to discuss your options.