6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Vintage Logo Design

vintage logo design

Vintage logos are trending right now. More new companies are developing logos with a retro and hipster style. If you’re debating which logo style to use for your brand, vintage logos are trending and easy to design.

But vintage logos are very diverse. Different logos accentuate a different style, meaning, and each logo style works best in different industries.

You also have to follow basic logo rules, such as legibility and easily placing it on different products and marketing materials.

If you’re designing a vintage logo, research these different styles before creating your logo. To make this process easier, here are 6 tips to follow when creating a vintage logo design.

1. Use Badges

Badges are the core of vintage logo design. These are a shape bordering text, usually your company name. These badges can have any color, but most logo designers use black and white for badge vintage logo designs.

Even though badge logos sound complex, simplicity is key. Take a simple shape, such as a triangle or parallelogram, and use a basic typography for your brand.

These logos are extremely simple to make — all you need is a basic document program and a downloadable font.

Are you unsure of which shape to use? Circles are by far the most popular. To stand out, use unique shapes such as a diamond, hexagons, and shields. If you want a more complex badge, add details such as chains or vines.

2. Draw By-Hand

One of the aspects of vintage logo designs is custom art. This can include an animal, a person, or even a simple piece of artwork such as a bow and arrow.

While you can find these images online or design them on art programs, you’ll get the real vintage look when drawing them by hand.

The reason why is simple: back in the day, businesses didn’t have digital design software. When creating a unique logo, they hired an artist to sketch one out.

This includes the artwork, but also the font. All logo designers know unique fonts are drawn, but most logo designers create fonts on digital typography software. For the most memorable logo, draw your text by-hand.

3. Industrial Designs

The industrial movement was major back in the day. Factories were hotspots for business success and job creation. Blood, sweat, and tears went into the industrial revolution — which is what is emphasized in their logos.

This is why industrial imagery, such as factories and tools, were popular back in the day. If you have a hardware, carpentry or any sort of industrial company, industrial vintage logo designs will look amazing with your company.

These logos are truly unique because they’re bold. Even with intricate art techniques such as shadows or gradients, these logos stand out.

To create the best industrial logo, hire an artist to implement industrial imagery with classic font styles.

Imagery such as hammers, wrenches, axes, and factories make the biggest statements. Typography shouldn’t be too complex; use simple bold text or even slightly cursive font.

4. Animal and Land Imagery

Back in the day, our ancestors caught their food by-hand.

They didn’t go to the grocery store to buy a steak — they took the cow down themselves. And they didn’t buy fish at the store — they spent all day with a fishing line until they caught a large fish.

This is why animal imagery was so popular. Animals represented our hard work to get food. Animal imagery is usually represented by horns and antlers.

In addition to land animals, sea animals are also popular vintage logo designs.

These include fish, crab, and hooks.

If you decide to not use animal imagery, land imagery also gives the same appeal. Use mountains, trees, and tents. You can also use sea elements, such as a wave.

5. Vintage Beer and Coffee Artwork

A lot of things change in culture, but some still stay the same.

There are two main aspects of humanity that never faltered: our love or beer and coffee. If you run a brewery or a coffee company, you can draw a vintage beer bottle or coffee mug with text.

This kind of artwork can perfectly be combined with one of the other popular vintage logo design aspects. Use an image or a beer bottle or coffee mug with a badge. Or, you can use a badge followed by text such as “coffee” or “beer.”

You can also use industrial-themed imagery, such as beer bottles modeled like hammers.

You can even use classic typography with words such as “beer” or “coffee” followed by your company name.

6. Print Your Logo on Vintage Photography

While photography is something we use constantly in the modern era, it was first developed centuries ago. This is why vintage photography pairs so well with vintage logo designs.

But what is vintage photography? A classic camera couldn’t print in color, so the two color schemes used were black and white or sepia.

The subject also contributes to vintage photography. The subject should be simple without using any intricate photographic technology.

A wide-open mountain shot looks more vintage than an up-close and sharpened image of a bird batting its wings.

But ensure your text is simple. Use a basic font and a standard color such as white or black. Legibility is key, so make sure the logo and color stand out from the image.

If you’re a photographer, use your talent to its advantage. Capture an image of an empty road or field. Insert your logo on the image, and your logo is complete.

Time to Create Vintage Logo Designs

With the popularity of the hipster and rustic looks, more businesses are using vintage logos.

There’s nothing more unique than a hand-drawn logo with images, photography, and other unique designs. This simplistic yet bold look is what brands desire when creating a logo.

If you’re stumped on a logo style, the vintage style is powerful and here to stay.

If you want to make a stylish logo, use our services.