6 Minimalist Tips for a Clean Logo Design

clean logo design

Having a strong logo that is a good symbol for your brand has always been important, but it may be so now more than ever.

A solid logo will solidify the iconic status of your company, as well as its reputation. From Amazon to Yahoo, more and more companies are embracing a new approach to logo design: minimalism.

Minimalist logos are taking over every industry, from social media to fashion. It seems as though if you want your business to succeed, a clean logo design is the answer.

Here are six tips on how to use minimalism for your own logo design.

1. Use Symbolism

Symbols are used prominently in every aspect of our society, from music to literature to even advertisement. If you want to come up with some minimalistic ideas for your brand’s logo, consider using symbolism as the basis of your logo to provide a simple but effective message to your customers.

Symbols in marketing are very famous and key when it comes to clean logo design. For example, Nike’s famous Swoosh is symbolic of speed and motion. A hotel chain may use a pineapple to symbolize hospitality and comfort.

The key to using symbolism in your logo design is finding out the right symbol for your industry or brand and making it the key characteristic of your brand’s logo. For example, if you’re an energy company, having a lightning bolt or a light bulb may be a good call.

2. Start off with a Basic Color Scheme

Whether you want to add color to your logo or not, it’s imperative that it starts with a black and white scheme before adding any additional colored elements. If the logo doesn’t work without color, from a minimalist standpoint of black and white, it won’t work with added colors.

The logic behind this is simple. Colors will only convolute the logo further, especially for a logo with many colors. You don’t want your logo to be a mess that is almost tiring to look at. You want your clean logo design to be attractive and easy on the eye.

If your logo is already hard to keep up with in black and white, it will be far too hectic in color. Start with a simple concept at first and then add colors to see how your consumers react to your design.

3. Remember Your Geometry

Who knew that high school geometry would come in handy when designing logos?

If you’re looking for a minimalist design, start with some geometric figures at your base. If you think about logos such as Google Chrome, Spotify, or Youtube, they all take advantage of simple geometry to deliver a message.

Geometry is very easy on the eye as it is familiar to many consumers. Fortunately, it is not difficult to combine some basic geometric shapes to create some stunning logo ideas, such as a basic square and triangle creating a house. Make sure to add some color to differentiate the geometric shapes you use.

Geometry also has powerful symbolic power. For example, squares and rectangles tend to symbolize order and efficiency. Triangles can give consumers a sense of energy, while circles symbolize power and infiniteness.

Don’t be afraid to use these geometric shapes to their full, symbolic potential.

4. Or, Get Whimsical with It

Whether your company is creatively based or not, whimsical design ideas can add a playful touch to your logo while still being minimalistic. There are various whimsical design ideas that you can in your own logo, and they aren’t too hard to incorporate.

One popular whimsical design piece is handwritten fonts/typefaces. The general public has started to fall in love with handwritten fonts because they provide a personal touch to your company’s name.

Another whimsical idea many brands are using is incorporating some simple illustrations. While the illustrations may seem childish, they are simple enough to guarantee a clean logo design while delivering a simple, clear message about the company.

5. Don’t Try Too Hard

If you’re having trouble getting your clean logo design completed, you may be trying too hard and you may not truly be using a minimalistic template. If you find yourself adding too many features and clustering your design, you may need to rethink your approach.

If you are truly aiming for a minimalistic design, you should look into where you can remove aspects from your logo. Removing aspects and simplifying your logo will make the logo more clean and appealing.

6. Minimalism Takes Practice

Companies everywhere are constantly changing their logos, from local hardware stores to multinational banks. This is just a sign that a company’s logo can always be better. If minimalism is your goal, there are always ways to get closer to having a truly minimal, clean logo design.

In order to reach that near-perfect point, you’ll probably have to keep practicing it. Don’t be afraid to change your brand’s logo if you feel that you can find something better. Though there is value in familiarity, there is a new energy injected with each new logo.

If you truly feel that your logo is like the beating heart of your company, rejuvenating it to match the times and style ideals of the day may be ideal for you. If you keep trying new ideas and using new strategies, you’ll eventually find a concept that is truly representative of your company’s message.

Do You Want a Clean Logo Design for Your Brand?

Whether you’re a personal trainer or operate a beauty salon, a new, minimalistic logo can rejuvenate your business and attract more customers than ever.

Minimalism is the logo design idea of the future, and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon that many famous companies have embraced.

If you need help designing a logo, professional help is just a click away. Contact us so we can help you design the logo that will be at the front of your customers’ minds for a long time!