5 Things to Know About Designing Real Estate Logos

Real Estate Logos

The designs used in real estate logos range from classic to absolutely absurd. And if you want to err on the most effective side, err on the side of classic.

But how do you avoid an absurd and forgettable logo? We’ve set down a few ideas and things you should definitely know about designing a logo for your real estate business. Keep on scrolling to see.

1. Colors Are Extremely Important in Real Estate Logos

It’s no secret that colors evoke emotion. They are so effective at producing emotion that psychologists actually employ colors in various therapy sessions.

There are both colors that attract and colors that repel. And if you’re looking to attract clients, you want appealing colors in your logo.

Of course, a simple black and white logo with white being your dominant background is the safest choice. White denotes a sense of purity. And the contrast between light and dark will make your logo stand out.

But you want to make sure the black lettering or graphics are clean enough for the stark contrast. If the dark section of your logo is too complicated it will be hard to remember what it even looked like.

Reds denote either passion or excitement. And a deep crimson is a classic color that could give your clients a sense of even royalty.

Rich colors like deep blues, purples, and crimsons are all colors that give a sense of elegancy.

Be careful with yellows. Too bright and you will only see yellow. Too dark and you instill dread in your clients.

2. Bad Typography Will Destroy Any Logo

Fonts, like fashion, go through periods of popularity. And yet, it seems, some fonts will never become popular.

Comic sans is a font that will always remain a villain in the typographical world. For some reason, its cartoony shapes give the observer an aversion to the text. You can’t look for very long without a shudder rolling down your spine.

And really, there is no excuse today for bad typography. Plenty of typographers have made their excellent fonts free or cheap on the internet.

As long as you avoid overly complicated fonts or fonts that have not aged well or are unprofessional, your logo will stand out well.

3. That Which is Cliche Will Sink Your Real Estate Ship

Every real estate agency uses a house in their logo. It’s almost a given.

But should you use a house or any other part of a building in your logo? We say no.

If a client sees a house logo, they’ll wonder, wait…is that Taylor and Taylor or Renton Real Estate?

Your logo should be recognizable from far away. The best logos are.

Think of the most recognizable logos for any major company. Nike is a simple swoosh that you couldn’t mistake for anything else. Windows is a four-square grid with a gradient flying off one direction.

You could recognize these logos from a mile away. Could you pick out real estate logos from a block away and say confidently that’ “so and so”? Probably not.

Forget the building parts idea. It won’t help your clients remember you.

Instead, choose symbols related to you. For example, if you’re Irish, perhaps using a harp as a background symbol would set you apart from all the building logos.

Or, if your area is well known for an activity like sailing, a classic mast, and two sails could grace your logo.

Whatever you choose. Make sure it’s different enough to stand out.

4. Don’t Be a Lemming

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. Conventions are only there to inspire. Settling for the conventional real estate logos will only cause your brand to blend in with the rest.

We’ve already drawn a little outside the lines with our talk about non-cliche logos. But how else can you stand out among the rest without being too gaudy?

If you want to stick with real estate imagery, there are plenty of aspects inherent in real estate besides physicals walls and plaster and roofing.

Windows and doors, door knobs, welcome mats, flower beds, trees, landscaping… all of these things relate to real estate. And any combination of these could be excellent elements for a logo.

5. Match the Your Personality

Look around your office. How do you decorate? Are you sporty? Are you classical? Are you geeky?

What is your aesthetic? If you’re a solo practitioner, match the logo to your own personality.

Some people do not need extra flair in their life. These people should use a minimalist logo.

If you prefer columns and gold filigree, then choose a classical logo. Something that could be mistaken as heraldry in a house of lords.

If you’re more contemporary, you might prefer a tech style logo. Something with crisp lines and matrix-like cells and squares.

But remember, your logo is meant to keep you or your firm squarely in the mind of your client. Not only will it impress future clients, but it will help bring in referrals.

Conclusion: A Logo Will Make It or Break It

Real estate logos either build a clientele or they make you invisible. Which are you going to choose?

In real estate, the world revolves around referrals.

Only 42% of new buyers come from referrals. So, putting all your eggs in the referrals basket means you have a side job or you don’t care about making money.

And even if you are relying on referrals, your brand matters. Why? Because if you have a memorable brand, your clients are more likely to remember you.

But what’s essential in a brand? You could say image and you would be right. You could say communication and you would also be right. But what people remember most is a logo.

If you’re looking to design your own logo, check out our service. We’ll help you create some excellent designs that stand out and attract clients.