5 Reasons Logos Are Essential For Brand Development

Brand Development

For your customers, your logo is the beating heart of your company. But no logo stands alone. How will you make yours a successful part of your brand development?

Logos provide consumers with an immediate way to recognize your brand, your values, and the products or services you sell. Your logo is only one piece of your brand strategy. But if aligned correctly with brand development, it becomes the cornerstone of your marketing campaigns throughout the life of your company.

A winning brand strategy will focus on making a powerful statement. It should be clear and consistent throughout the life of your brand. Customers will begin identifying your brand with quality and consistency. Your brand will further penetrate your target market and deliver business success.

Your logo can enhance that statement. Logos provide customers with an easy way to identify the quality and consistency they have grown to love. They also make it easy share that information with others. If done correctly, your logo will have the greatest exposure among all of your marketing collateral. Your logo might appear in advertisements with other brand messaging. However, it might also appear on signs, on shipping packages, and possibly on your products themselves.

The Logo’s Role in Brand Development

Your logo may not be the starting point in your brand development. But it is a critical tool in the relationship between your customers and your business. The following are five reasons your logo is critical to a winning brand strategy and the continued success of your company.

Your Logo Design Makes a Clear Statement to Customers

There is a psychology behind logos. Your customers make immediate judgments about your company when your logo comes into focus. This symbol must pique customers’ curiosity when no other branding is present. So, is your logo pulling them in or pushing them away?

The first features consumers will catch are your logo’s shape and color. According to Inc. Magazine, “nearly 85 percent of consumers cite color as the number one reason for buying a particular product.” Also, experts say that distinct, simple shapes have played key roles in brand success. This includes the Nike “Swoosh” and McDonald’s golden arches.

You can also win over would-be customers with representation. Representation is a recognizable symbol of the quality and desirability of your company. The way your brand represents you should stem from your strategy for brand development.

Consider how other organizations have used images and symbols to make a clear statement about their brands. A simple example is the iconic dove with an olive branch. But brands engage in more complex or abstract forms of representation as well.

Your Logo Has More Visibility Than Other Elements of Your Brand Development

You may have only one chance to intrigue your potential customers. Among all of your branding, your logo provides you with the most opportunities to do it.

Your brand strategy will include multiple channels. All of your messaging will align with this strategy, but will differ from channel to channel. Your logo will remain consistent in every channel. It will live in perpetuity for the life of your company.

Assume you’ve developed a winning logo. Now, that logo should appear just about everywhere. Here are some essential places to include your logo, with no exceptions:

  • all web assets, in a consistent location on each page
  • all branded collateral
  • all forms of packaging, especially those sent to customers
  • all promotional materials, including coupons, flyers, and giveaways

On sponsored or collaborative materials, you may be required to pair your logo with your company’s executive summary. Prioritize the summary and ensure the logo pairs well, not the other way around.

Your Competitors All Have Great Logos

You cannot create your logo in a vacuum. Your logo and brand strategy must clearly distinguish you from your competition.

Competitors in your space will win over your would-be customers with their own logos and brand strategies. You cannot control what they do in terms of branding. But you can distinguish yourself while painting your opponents in a less favorable light.

There is something your company does better than all others–something your customers will want. There might also be some areas in your space that customers look down upon. These are things that might hurt a brand if exposed.

With representation, a logo can both distinguish your brand as superior and deter customers from turning to competitors. This is possible even if there are no inherent flaws in their businesses. Let’s consider an example.

Changing the Brand Conversation

Bottled spring water is a crowded market. What’s more, brands in this space appear to be selling identical products. Most represent themselves as coming from natural sources in the wilderness.

Fiji water did not only market itself as an alternative to tap water. It’s “untouched” brand and exotic logo stepped away from the ‘water source’ techniques of other brands, focusing instead on the appeal of environmentalism. Fiji did not live up to its environmentalist claims, but it became one of the top-selling brands in the world.

Your Logo Represents You in Perpetuity

“Remember that place with the purple rhinoceros logo?”

After the original messaging of your brand strategy, your logo must prevail. You can adopt a new logo down the line. But you don’t want to give up a critical part of your brand development early in your growth.

You want to develop a logo worth remembering. Keeping that logo so customers can remember it for life is a service to both customers and your brand.

You Should Love Your Logo as Much as Your Business

Imagery and purpose shape the imagination and inspire respect. Founders who created their company logos with the same heart they put in their business inspire workers and customers alike.

In fact, Forbes found that 70% of millennials are willing to spend more with brands that support causes they care about. These can include altruistic, environment, or other selfless pursuits that can be included in your branding and logo.

Be sure you fall in love with your logo, the same way you fell in love with the idea for your business. Now you can inspire ideas and fulfill the needs of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of others.

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