5 Professional Logo Ideas for Startup Businesses

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Memorable logos are 13% more likely to get attention. They have a 7% more chance that people want to learn more about the company.

Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are the most memorable logos in the USA and UK. Why is that?

These logos follow simple logo ideas and tips that we will share with you below.

1. Brainstorm Before You Jump into Design

When you are a startup you know that you need to go into the competitive landscape strong.

A good logo can be a big help. Logos help build trust, admiration, and loyalty in your customers. A logo also helps you brand who you are and what you represent.

The first thing to do when coming up with logo ideas is to brainstorm ideas about your business. What value do you bring to your clients? What do you help them achieve?

Find a way to translate your value into a graphic design principle by doing some word association. If you offer clients efficiency, think about what objects represent that.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of jumping into the design process straight away. Making a logo stand out is good but it’s not enough. A logo must make the right statement – and to do that, you need to figure out what you want to say.

2. Keep it Simple

You may lean towards a complicated logo to cover up insecurities about being a fledgling startup. But don’t.

Keep in mind that the most memorable and most recognized logos are simple. When designing a logo, remember that less is more. People like uncluttered logos that clearly give consumers a sense of who you are and what you can do for them.

As a general rule, try to limit your logo to a couple elements that work together.

3. Make it Memorable

Your logo should be simple enough to take in at a glance At the same time, it should also be memorable after just one glance.

The best way to do this is to have one singular item that is identifiable. If you showed a random person your logo for 3 seconds, would they be able to describe it? Go ahead and do some street tests with your logo prototype to find out.

A logo that’s complicated with many parts and intricate detail is difficult to absorb in a glance. As a result, people will pass your logo over without a second thought.

Remember, whether your logo is on a billboard or on a business card, a glance is all you may get. But if it is memorable and simple, people will remember the logo. Once they associate the logo with your brand, chances are they will be well on their way to becoming customers.

4. Choosing Colors and Fonts

Color psychology is the study of what emotions certain colors evoke. So before you pick a color you like, think about what feelings you want people to associate with your startup.

Color is a great way to make your brand unique.

It’s important not to copy an established brand’s color. If you are starting an organic, free-trade coffee house, don’t choose green. You want people to associate your color with you, not your competitor.

A fussy font can make your logo difficult to read and can cost you customers. People want to get what you do and what your name is instantly. If they have to squint to decipher your name, the majority of people will just move on.

Learn more about choosing the best marketing fonts.

5. Make Your Logo Versatile and Scalable

It’s crucial that your logo be versatile so that it can work in many ways.

For now, you may be just using it on posters and business cards. But keep in mind that you want this logo to grow with you as you expand. In a few years, you may be using your logo on giant billboards and employee uniforms.

Even if your logo has color, make sure that it works well in black and white. Does the logo work when it is tiny? How about when it is gigantic?

You may not know all the surfaces your logo will appear in the future. Yet, you should test your logo on small spaces and large to ensure that you don’t have to do a logo redesign very soon.

To make a logo scalable, it’s best to draw it with the help of design grids. That way you are able to maintain balance with all the elements of your logo.

6. Look at Logo Ideas to Get You Thinking

To get your creative juices flowing here are a couple incredible logo design ideas for you to consider.


Evernote is an app that keeps your notes organized, digitally. The logo is a grey elephant over the word Evernote in a simple green font.

Why is this logo design genius? Well, for one thing, the elephant’s ear looks a lot like a folded piece of paper. His trunk curls curled like a paperclip.

Both of these simple images convey the idea of organization. But that’s not all. Why an elephant?

An elephant never forgets, or so the saying goes. Evernote uses an elephant on their logo to suggest that their customers will not forget ideas, documents or lists once they start using this app.

The green font is also a smart choice. Green is the color of money, health, and new growth. Other big names that use green successfully are Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Holiday Inn.


Hudl is a fairly new tech startup that provides software for sports teams to track and improve their performance.

The excellent branding starts with the name in this case. Hudl is easy to spell, easy on the eyes and the name invokes the image of sports and teamwork. This name is both simple and effective.

Now, let’s examine the logo. You can see a group of three people in a huddle from a bird’s eye view. Simple and effective once again.

When you look at the logo again, you can see that it also looks like three balls with wings. That’s a nice touch. It adds another layer of meaning to the logo by showing another value the brand provides (improved performance).

Ready to Use Your Logo Ideas?

Your logo is your reputation in visual form. Your logo ideas must establish your brand as trustworthy while being recognizable and memorable.

It’s a lot to ask of a small graphic. With some deep thinking and by following these six logo tips, your logo can set help launch your startup success.

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