5 Ethics Issues for Law Firm Logos and Branding

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Following the law seems pretty simple for a lawyer – right? Not so much, especially when it comes to law firm logos and branding.

There’s a thin line between ethical advertising and predatory marketing. Just look at the long list of cases involving lawyers and unethical advertising methods. But we’ve come a long way from the early 20th century when it was considered unethical for lawyers to advertise at all.

Today, it’s required for lawyers to have legal disclaimers in their ads. This is a very tricky area for attorneys who are looking to compete in a diluted market.

So let’s review some of the ethical issues law firms face when designing their logos and branding strategies.

Social Media Posts Considered Ads

Some posts you make on social media may constitute as legal advertising. Technology has added more weight to the issues already seen in the legal advertising industry.

If a legal website is considered an advertisement, then you can guarantee your social media profiles are considered advertising venues as well. This includes blogs, LinkedIn profiles, and Facebook pages.

For this reason, you must pay attention to the restrictions associated with legal ads whenever you post content. Of course, it also comes down to the nature of your posts and your intentions.

Making Misleading or False Statements

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to make promises your firm can’t keep. Nor should you lead clients to believe you can do something you can’t. So stay away from claims like “Every client with this type of case will win.”

The smarter thing to do would be to list stats. For example, “Seventy percent of auto accident cases are won by the plaintiff.”

Make Sure to Include Disclaimers

Whenever you have an ad that’s creating an expectation, it’s important to include disclaimers. This can put your firm in legal trouble if you sell a dream you can’t provide.

So if you’re advertising cases you’ve won, make sure to state results vary from case to case.

Avoid Making Comparative Statements

In your mind, you may feel your firm is the best in the city or state. But you can’t make these type of statements in your marketing or law firm logos.

This would fall under making false or misleading statements. If you want to showcase your prestige, you can state that your attorneys attended Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. Or that they’ve won X amount of cases.

Creating Ethical Law Firm Logos

Your logo is a big part of your marketing collateral. You need to ensure your logo doesn’t get you into trouble. For instance, it should be within the copyright laws, which includes plagiarism, fair use, piracy and photo manipulation.

Also, keep in mind your audience, so you don’t end up with an offensive logo. For instance, if your target audience is multicultural, you should refrain from using religious characters, such as the cross or Jewish star.

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