5 Design Principles for Delicious Bakery Logos

bakery logos

When you’re delivering mouth watering cookies or breathtaking wedding cakes, the last thing you want is a bakery logo that falls flat.

What you need is a logo that is as enticing as the goodies that you deliver.

But hiring a professional to design your logo could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That money would be better spent on new mixers, ovens, or other bakery hardware.

Instead, why not design your own catchy, successful bakery logos?

If you’re ready to learn how, check out these 5 design principles for creating a delicious logo of your own.

1. Check out the competition

Start by checking out your competition.

The last thing that you want to do is create a logo that is too similar to other bakeries in your area. Being aware of what their logos look like will help you avoid this.

At the same time, checking out the logos of successful companies, including non-bakeries, can help you find strategies or trends that work well. For instance, many of today’s most successful logos feature simple designs with easily identifiable shapes, words, or designs.

2. Consider your bakery’s design or brand

Before you start designing your own bakery logos, you need to consider what brand your bakery is known for.

If your bakery decorated with bright, punchy colors and youthful designs? Or maybe it’s more formal, with vintage decorations?

Whatever your chosen design, your logo should reflect it.

3. Choose the right colors and fonts

Making your logo match your bakery’s design or brand mostly involves choosing the right fonts and colors.

Certain fonts and colors bring to mind certain themes. For instance, a fancy cursive font or muted, darker colors will bring to mind a vintage design. Youthful, bubbly fonts and bright, neon colors will bring to mind a fun, childish design.

Choose the fonts and colors that match your bakery’s design, that way your customers will instantly recognize your brand.

4. Reference your specialties

Most bakeries are known for a certain baked good, flavor, or other specialties. If your specialty is well-known among your customers, it may be a good idea to feature it in your logo.

This will help previous customers recognize your logo and will let future customers see what you’re known for.

5. Think about your customers

Above all else, your bakery logo should appeal to your customers.

If you sell mostly wedding cakes, then your logo should be aimed at brides and grooms looking for the perfect centerpiece for their upcoming wedding. If your bakery serves goodies to families, then your logo should appeal to both the young and the young at heart.

Considering your customers will make it much easier to choose a logo design that represents your bakery accurately.

Start designing your own bakery logos today!

Now that you know a few tips for creating bakery logos that are as mouthwatering as the baked goods that you sell, it’s time to get started designing your own.

If you’re still not sure exactly what you want your logo to look like, consider starting with a template or design. These make it easier to create a successful logo that you and your customers will love!