4 Logo Redesign Tips to Consider When Creating a Logo

creating a logo

Did you know that children can recognize the logo for McDonald’s long before they recognize their own name? This just goes to show how important creating a logo can be for a company.

As classic as the Golden Arches logo is, it’s not immune to redesign. Look up the one from 1948 and instantly you can see how vastly different it is from the one we all know today.

Perhaps you’re thinking a logo redesign is in order for your company. Perhaps your current one is too complex, or maybe just too dated. It could be that your company is going down a different path that isn’t properly reflected in the logo anymore.

It can be important to any company that they change things up from time to time. But it’s equally vital that they keep a few things in mind while making those changes.

Keep reading to find out four great tips to help you in your own redesign!

Creating a Logo Redesign

Look to the Old Design for Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes to get that fresh new design is to tweak the old one a little. It doesn’t always need to be a huge change. In fact, smaller and more subtle changes can be better! Too big of a change could leave your loyal customers confused and uncertain as to what happened to the company that they love.

Make sure to keep elements of your old logo in tact when creating a logo redesign!

Use the Best Features of the Old Design

Take a good look at your old logo. Try to find what sticks out the most. Find which piece of it is the most important to properly represent your company and what you want your customers to see when they think of you.

Once you have that distinctive piece selected, it’s time to make that element of the old logo the star of the new one. Don’t be afraid to edit as much as you need in order to give your logo the best new look it can have.

Readability is Key

You don’t want to bog down your logo with too many tiny details that don’t read well to your customers. It’s also important to make certain that any text being used on your logo is clear and legible.

Sometimes simply tweaking the text a little can be all a logo needs to breathe new life into it.

A good way to do this is to print out your logo and tape it up somewhere. After putting some distance between you and your logo, take a good look at it. Can you read it clearly? Are there any tiny details that are mixing too much with the stronger elements of the design?

This will show you instantly if you need to edit your logo a bit more.

Focus on Important Colors

The colors you choose for your logo can say a lot about your company. Make sure to select only a couple that really can represent your company in the cleanest and strongest way.

As with readability, you don’t want to muddy your design with too many colors. Pick the most important ones and really make them shine.


If you keep all of these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble creating a logo redesign that still calls back to the old, while bringing your company a breath of fresh air. This can really give a company that extra edge. There are other design tips you can implement, but these are the ones we like most!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be sure to help you get that perfect logo!