The Modern Logo Design Trends You Need to Know

modern logo design

Did you know that the color blue in logo design is what consumers prefer most? While it may not be obvious at first, countless hours (and dollars) go into researching the best way to design a company logo. While marketing and co....

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How Your Logo and Branding Work Together for Your Business

logo and branding

The average small business is slated to spend $75,000 this year on digital marketing. Thus, it's essential to make every penny stretch. With just a few decisions and some cheap redesigns, you can make your logo and branding work ....

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Essential Guidelines to Know for Medical Logo Design

medical logo

Whether you're starting a new practice or revamping your current brand, you need a solid medical logo for your business. Why are logos so important? Think about a pair of golden arches, a smiling two-tailed mermaid, or fruit with....

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