7 Creative Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

creative logo design

Given the massive number of company logos out there, creating one for yourself may seem daunting. You may start asking yourself how on earth you're going to create something unique. This desire to create a logo that sets you ap....

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How to Complete a Logo Analysis (and Why You Need One)

logo analysis

77% of marketers say that branding is essential for future growth and nothing is more encompassing of one's brand than their logo. It's important that your logo is memorable enough that when people look at it, it leaves not onl....

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A Brief Look at the History of Logo Design

history of logo design

When considering the history of logo design, how far back does your mind go? 1950? 1900? 1800s? How about as far back as early human existence? The history of logo design doesn't just extend back to the beginning of advertising....

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