6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Vintage Logo Design

vintage logo design

Vintage logos are trending right now. More new companies are developing logos with a retro and hipster style. If you're debating which logo style to use for your brand, vintage logos are trending and easy to design. But vintage....

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8 Reasons a Logo Redesign is a Great Idea

logo redesign

By 2020, graphic design services will be generating revenues of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars. This growth in the industry bodes well for those who wish to do a logo redesign. It means business owners can rebrand at any time t....

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How Color Psychology Helps Create a Strong Logo

strong logo

Did you know that the colors that we interact with can have an effect on our mood? Some colors can make us happy, some can excite us, while others can even help to reduce stress. It's easy to take colors for granted since they ....

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