The 10 Most Iconic Logos and What You Can Learn From Them

iconic logos

Did you know it only takes consumers 5 to 7 impressions to recognize and remember your brand's logo? Logos have a powerful impact. In fact, the most memorable and iconic logos can be recognized in less than a second. We all ....

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7 Dazzling Dentist Logo Design Ideas

dentist logo

Did you know that as of 2016, there were at least 196,441 dentists working in the US? That's right. With so much competition out there, designing a dentist logo which makes you stand out from the crowd is absolutely essentia....

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Top 10 Logo Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

2018 logo trends

Did you have a trendy logo in 2017? Be ready, because those trends are about to change. Your logo is the face of your business. But it's not always saying the right things about what your company does. Failing to keep up with t....

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