Top Typography Trends to Incorporate into Your Logo

typography trends

Adidas; Target; Apple. When you read those company names, you pictured their logo, didn't you? I know you did, there's no denying it. A company's logo is just as important as the name itself. It's what will make your busi....

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5 Key Elements to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Charity Logo

charity logo

Everyone knows that having a great logo is necessary for any business. It creates brand recognition and is often the first impression people have of a company. It's no different for charities and non-profits. Though you aren't ....

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7 Vital Tips for Effective Brewery Logo Design

brewery logo design

Since craft beer exploded onto the market, the growth of this industry has never stopped. Even in the first half of 2017, craft beer production still grew by 5 percent. Although the numbers aren't as explosive as when craft bre....

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