Logo Evolution – The Rise of the Company Brand

logo evolution

Nike's swoosh, Pepsi's globe, and McDonald's golden arches are just as iconic as the companies they represent. But the logos of yesterday didn't start out that way. The logo evolution started with nothing more than an identifyi....

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Ten Famous Brands That Were Defined by Their Logo

famous brands

A company without a logo is like a dating profile without a picture. Logos are vital to establishing brand identity and are the hallmarks of famous brands. In today's digital world, good branding isn't just an option, it's a ne....

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7 Great Design Ideas for a Killer Financial Logo

financial logo

Choosing the right design for your financial logo is one of the most important steps in launching your brand. A good logo communicates your brand's identity and values to stand out in the marketplace. With over 30 million small bu....

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