Sweep Up the Competition with Cleaning Company Logos

Cleaning company logos

How many cleaning companies operate in your area? In most cases, a lot. With 3.2 million people employed in cleaning services in the US, you need to find a way to stand out. Designing a professional logo for your company ....

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How to Avoid a Cliche Church Logo Design

church logo design

Does your church's logo represent the essence of your church and congregation? Does it welcome new people through your doors? If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, it's time for a new church logo. With less than....

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How to Design Cosmetic Logos with Style and Flare

Cosmetic Logos

The market value of the beauty and personal care industry in the U.S. is totaled at over $80 billion. Each year, that market value climbs higher, as Americans continue to spend their money on skincare, shampoos, cosmetics, and mor....

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