4 Logo Redesign Tips to Consider When Creating a Logo

creating a logo

Did you know that children can recognize the logo for McDonald's long before they recognize their own name? This just goes to show how important creating a logo can be for a company. As classic as the Golden Arches logo is, it's ....

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How to Market Your Business With a Cleaning Logo

cleaning logo

Are you doing everything you can to get your cleaning logo in front of your potential clients? Your logo is the visual representation of your cleaning company. If it's well-crafted, it can make an immediate impact on your clients....

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Tell-Tale Signs That Your Landscaping Logos May Fail

landscaping logos

To say it simply, logos are important. Logos are the face of your brand. They give your brand an identity. Every business needs a logo. But not many businesses get it right. There are many mistakes that can be made when crea....

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