10 Tips for Pizza-Inspired Logos for Restaurants

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Remember your favorite late-night pizza spot in college? Or the logo of the hometown parlor you used to go to after Friday night football games?

There are certain restaurants you never forget, the same ones that end up inspiring you to enter the food industry at some point. Maybe you can still smell the fresh bread in the oven or hear the cooks calling up orders on a busy night.

Use such memories to help you create your pizza parlor. Think about how you want your customers to feel and what you want to be remembered for, too. This applies to everything from the creative ingredients on your pizza to the style of the decor to the kind of logo you come up with.

Every detail matters. To help you come up with one of the best logos for restaurants out there, use the following tips.

1. Know Your Audience

To come up with the perfect restaurant logo, you have to first think of your ideal customer. What kind of people do you expect to make up most of your audience?

There’s a big difference between gearing your pizza parlor to a college crowd or drinking town versus high-end eaters and those who prefer establishments with locally-sourced ingredients. Your audience determines everything you do from how you cook a pizza to the price point you sell it at.

It also plays into your logo design process. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and try to picture what would catch your attention the most if you were them.

2. Think About Your Passions

As much as you have to consider your audience, you have to stay true to yourself, too. Think about why you started the pizza parlor in the first place and what you want it to stand for, too.

That’s right, a restaurant can be about much more than the food it serves. Some places end up being known around town as the place to go to feel good; it’s sure to be welcoming and get things just right every time. Other restaurants make their claim to fame with their deliciously indulgent food or incredible customer service.

Whatever you’re passionate about, display it front and center with your logo.

3. Come up with Something Catchy

Most people think a logo is just a symbol. But, there are plenty of restaurant logos that have a saying to go along with them – like, “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.”

You don’t have to be an international pizza chain to make a good saying stick. Think of a fun saying you can attach to your logo if you really want to become a local sensation. Before you know it, everyone around town will be talking about you!

4. Go Back to the Drawing Board

Having trouble coming up with the right words to put on your pizza logo? Actually, are you having a creative block trying to think of the right design?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is go back to the drawing board. Take a second away from the computer and sketch out a few more ideas in black and white. Brainstorm all the possible designs you’d like to move forward with, then pick a few to keep developing.

There’s no shame in going back to the drawing board a few times if it means you come out with the best restaurant logo ideas in the long-run.

5. Play with Your Options

As you’re coming up with new designs and tweaking old ones, consider putting a few ideas together. Maybe you like the character in one and the way you drew a pizza in another. Perhaps a certain slogan goes better with another background.

These are just a few thoughts that may cross your mind while you’re in the depths of the design process. There’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match certain things to come up with the ideal final product. Try out a few ideas that seem unconventional – you may surprise yourself with something great.

6. Find the Right Colors

Regardless of the design direction you’re headed in, pay attention to the colors you’re using in your logo. Colors can make or break how good a logo looks.

They have a huge effect on how consumers feel when they look at the logo and interact with your business as a whole. Some colors can display a sense of openness and welcoming, while others are more about power or going green. Think about this before you finalize your brand colors and logo choices.

7. Ask for Feedback

Another thing to do when designing your logo is to remember you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Talk to your business partners, employees, and even your friends and family. Ask them how they feel about the logo and see if they have any ideas to make it better.

Sometimes, the difference between a good design and an amazing final product is a little bit of teamwork. When you ask for feedback, you’re unlocking a bunch of creative potential beyond what you’re capable of doing alone.

8. See What Competitors Are Doing

Where there is teamwork, there tends to be competition, too. If your at a loss with what to do next with your logo, but it’s not quite finished, draw some inspiration from competitors.

Look at the most popular pizza parlors in town and consider restaurants with other kinds of cuisine, too. Identify what makes them stand out and look for opportunities for you to do the same, but in your own way.

9. Avoid Cliches

Be careful of playing copycat when you research competitors. More so, avoid cliches as much as possible. It’s one thing to use a pizza in your pizza parlor logo and another to design something totally unoriginal.

It happens more often than you think, and the last thing you want is for such a thing to happen to you. Always strive to be as original as possible and double-check your work to see what you can do better.

10. Do Something Other Than Pizza

Speaking of avoiding cliches and doing your best work, you might want to consider focusing on something other than pizza in your logo. We get it – you make good pizza. But, what else are you all about?

Whatever kind of pizza parlor you run, chances are, it runs deeper than the dough you use and your secret sauce recipe. Maybe you make an amazing plate of pasta or you really want to make a point of giving back to your community. Think about your overall brand and what you want to highlight about it.

Bring Your Ideas of Logos for Restaurants to Life

Not sure which of your logo ideas you should use? Are you still in the brainstorming phase and have yet to see what kind of logos for restaurants you can produce?

The only way to know what you’re capable of is to try. Click here to get to work and make the best logos possible.