10 Rad Design Ideas for Your Parlor’s Tattoo Logo

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Tattoos are now a way for people to express themselves. People get them for various reasons. Sometimes they get one in honor of a loved one, other times it’s to remember a specific event in their lives.

Either way, tattoos are permanent and people want to get theirs done by someone who knows what they’re doing. But, there are now more than 21,000 tattoo parlors to choose from in the US alone.

With this in mind, if you own a tattoo business, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. It needs to have an awesome logo that represents your vision and style.

To get ahead of your competition and get more clients, here are 10 rad design ideas for your parlor’s tattoo logo:

1. Understand Why Your Parlor’s Tattoo Logo Is Important

The first stage of creating an awesome tattoo logo design is understanding the importance of it. Ask yourself the following:

  • Why does your logo matter?
  • What do you want it to represent?
  • Who do you want it to attract?

A logo is important for any business, but they’re even more vital to tattoo shops. After all, you run an artistic establishment. If your logo doesn’t show any artistic flair, why would a customer come to you over the competition?

Your logo should express some form of creative aesthetic. It should represent who you are as a business.

2. Analyze Your Target Audience

To create the perfect tattoo logo design, you need to know your clientele.

What type of tattoos do you specialize in? Do you specialize in creating subtle pieces? Or maybe you only do henna tattoos? Some people also offer body piercings.

Whatever your niche, think about who you are trying to attract to your parlor. Once you know this, you’ll get some inspiration for your logo.

3. Work Out Which Image Suits Your Brand

Many tattoo parlors choose to add an image to their logo. If this is an avenue you’d like to explore, you need to think about which image best represents your brand. Some of the most popular tattoo logo design images include:

  • Crowns
  • Skulls
  • Weapons
  • Fire

The above are great for attracting more ink-saturated people. They represent fearlessness and freedom.

Be careful though. These images can deter other target markets. For example, people who want their first tattoo. Or, those would like some ink to remember someone they lost.

4. Learn About the Industry Typography

Typography in the tattoo industry ranges from elegant to bold. The font you choose will depend on your brand image.

There is a level of psychology to fonts that you should be aware of. Each font attracts a different audience. Understanding this psychology will allow you to hone in on the right audience for your brand.

5. Choose Popular Tattoo Industry Colors

When it comes to tattoo parlor logos, black and white are the most popular. The simplicity of these colors means that there is little to dislike about the combination.

Even the pickiest of customers will find it hard to say anything negative about black and white.

While this combination is popular, other common colors include:

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Red

While the above are common, this shouldn’t stop you from thinking out of the box. If you think a purple logo would suit you best, then go for it!

6. Understand the Common Traits of Effective Tattoo Parlor Logos

The most effective logos in the tattoo industry are timeless and memorable. They stand out from the crowd.

The last thing you want is for your logo to have an outdated design in a couple of years. You need to design something that stands the test of time. Your logo should define your business for the foreseeable future.

Not only this, your customers should recognize your logo no matter where they see it. It should remind them of your business straight away.

7. Make Your Logo Unique

With the above in mind, your logo must stand out from the crowd. If you choose a logo like that of your competition, your audience may confuse you.

Don’t use the traditional cliche designs. Strive for something unique and easy to recognize.

Also, choose a design that no one is likely to think of in the future.

8. Keep It Simple

At work, your job is to create amazing and complex pieces of artwork. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get carried away with your logo.

Too much detail and the wrong font can make your logo overwhelming to your audience. Don’t undermine its effect by making it to complex.

Logo generators are great for creating simple and effective logos. Plus, they’re affordable and allow you to create a unique piece of artwork for your brand.

9. Give It a Meaning

The best tattoo logos have a strong meaning. They represent the entire brand and vision your company has.

Your clientele should be able to see how much thought went into your logo. The tattoo industry is trendy and one of a kind. With this in mind, your logo needs to be fresh and cool.

It needs to represent your company’s core values and vision.

10. Always Consider Proportion and Symmetry

Your logo should have a level of symmetry and proportion. These two factors will balance your logo so that it is more eye-catching.

Keeping symmetry and proportion in mind will also give you a logo with consistent arcs and curves.

As with any piece of artwork, the ratios of your logo are important.

Learn More About Creating the Perfect Logo Without Breaking the Bank

Every business is in need of a great logo, and tattoo shops are no exception. your parlor’s tattoo logo needs to set you aside from your competition. It needs to give you an edge.

But, no matter how much artistic flair you have, creating a logo is different from designing a tattoo. With this in mind, why not get some help from the professionals?

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