10 Luxurious Spa Logos to Inspire You to Design

Spa Logos

A logo design can make or break your business, even in the spa industry. That’s why it’s so crucial that your spa logos incorporate the best elements and strategies into their design.

In fact, the value of a good logo can be worth millions of dollars as various businesses have reported. While you might not have a million dollars to spend on a designer, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a million-dollar design.

Many of the most famous logos are actually a relatively simple and easy design. Did you know the Nike swoosh was designed by none other than a college student working at the company at the time?

However, even for the simplest logos, there are still some strategies you’ll want to keep in mind. Let’s look at 10 luxurious spa logos and what we can learn from them.

1. Ponte Verde Inn & Spa

This logo incorporates a soft green and aquamarine seahorse into their title.

Why does it work?

Because the reference to the seahorse draws a connection with the visitors’ experience and the beach. In order to really have a successful logo, the spa should then further the beach connection with their visitors on site.

This can be done by playing light beach sounds in the background and adding ocean-themed smells to the room.

When choosing an icon to add to your logo, be sure to find one that matches both the personality and brand of your spa.

2. Live Love Spa

The next inspirational logo comes from Live Love Spa. Remember when we told you that logos don’t have to be complicated?

Well, this logo is proof of that statement.

Live Love Spa kept their logo simple with a nice clean font spelling out their name and a dual colored heart made out of a water drop and a leaf.

Logos like this rely heavily on your font choice. That is why before starting your design be sure to read our tips on how to choose a font for your logo.

If you can get the font choice right, your design may not even need any extra icons or features.

3. Bella Santé

Another logo that shows off a clean and crisp font is Bella Santé Day and Med Spa. Not only does this logo incorporate fonts well, but it also has a unique feature that helps it stand out.

The feature that helps this logo stand out is a small plant in the middle.

A common trend in spa logos is to incorporate elements of nature. These can include flowers, leaves, plants, water, etc.

These icons are effective because they remind people of healing, natural materials, and new life. When choosing an icon for your spa, you can’t go wrong include nature elements.

4. Little Paws

When you think of spas, pet grooming might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, we couldn’t resist adding the Little Paws, Pet Spa.

The inspiring elements of this logo are seen in the personality and colors chosen. Little Paws used a silhouette of groomed French Poodle with pink fur and a pale blue bow in their logo.

The combination of these colors gives the design a unique and fun personality, which is only right for a pet spa.

When choosing your colors, it’s important to remember that each color comes with different connotations. For example, white typically is seen as safety, purity, and cleanliness.

5. Leamington Spa

The thing that stands out the most about the Leamington Spa is also its use of color. However, this time, the difference is that the logo only uses one color.

In fact, the correct term is that this logo is monochromatic. Instead of using many different colors, it simply uses shades of one color to get its point across.

This is effective because the color that they decided to use is one that represents class and sophistication.

6. Beauty Bar Lounge

This logo draws the eye with flourished B on top of the title. This B takes the place where many other spa logos would add an icon.

It’s important to note that if you can’t think of an icon that matches your spa well, it is more than acceptable to create an icon out of one or more letters.

In fact, these are often the most popular icons out there.

7. Tek Salon and Spa

This logo is unique because it uses a reverse font technique. Instead of having white space fill in a majority of the area, the design instead uses white as the color of the font.

This trend has been increasing in recent years and is expected to remain popular for a long time.

The logo also features a bold color to go with its modern design. This just goes to show that spa logos don’t always have to rely on relaxation.

8. Versailles Salon and Day Spa

Like the Beauty Bar, this logo uses a flourished letter to the viewers’ attention. However, it’s unique because the design is elegantly layered.

The V takes the background of the image with the spa name on top of it. If you are planning to add background elements to your spa logo, follow this example of Versailles.

Don’t make background embellishments too distracting.

9. Jovance

This logo incorporates a new design trend we are seeing in many spa logos. The trend is to use curved and soft lines.

These lines help to create a feeling of ease and comfort. If you want to create relaxed feelings with your spa logos it is best to avoid overly sharp edges and harsh breaks in your designs.

If not, your logo will more likely to spur discontentment from your viewers.

10. Sawã Spa

Lastly, we have the Sawã Spa. The design element we can pull from this logo is the inclusion of the waves.

This is another trend that we have seen in hundreds of different spa logos.

Water is another element that can be included in either your spa title or icon. It’s effective because it utilizes many of the best elements we’ve talked about, comforting colors, soft lines, and elements of nature.

Design Spa Logos Today!

Now that we’ve discussed 10 exceptional spa logos and the elements that make them great, it’s time to get started.

Don’t worry about creating your perfect logo on the first try. Nearly every company eventually goes through a logo redesign at some point in their future.

Just take a look at the logo history of corporate giants like Google and Coca-Cola.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s we get started!