The 10 Most Iconic Logos and What You Can Learn From Them

iconic logos

Did you know it only takes consumers 5 to 7 impressions to recognize and remember your brand’s logo?

Logos have a powerful impact. In fact, the most memorable and iconic logos can be recognized in less than a second.

We all know some of the most popular logos in the world, but what makes them so memorable? Here are the ten most iconic logos and some design principles we can learn from them.

1. Apple

When we think of the most popular designs, Apple’s half-eaten one-dimensional fruit immediately comes to mind.

What makes this logo truly special is its simplicity. The apple doesn’t need to look realistic or fancy. In fact, the logo best conveys its brand message through simple curves and colors.

Apple’s logo didn’t always start off so good, however. The original logo was much more detailed and difficult to recognize. The company’s marketers weren’t happy with the brand recognition so they decided to change it up, and we’re glad they did.

If your logo isn’t performing as well as you might hope, it’s not too late to change it. Create something really memorable and see how it changes your business.

2. Nike

The second logo that made a difference in the world is Nike. Nike’s logo features a swoosh, which looks like a curved checkmark. This stunning design was created by a part-time graphic design employee and has since taken over the world.

This logo teaches us two crucial lessons. The first lesson is to look for inspiration with every employee. Understanding what the brand means to everyone even those that might not be upper management will help you to create a logo that accurately reflects the right image.

The second lesson we can learn is that the logo must be versatile. The Nike logo has to be placed on thousands of different products, marketing pieces, and decor. It needs to versatile and memorable no matter what size or color is printed.

3. McDonald’s

The third business that comes to mind is McDonald’s. One of the most memorable characteristics of this logo is its colors.

When someone mentions a fast food restaurant with red and yellow colors, McDonald’s is the first place that comes to mind. Colors play a large part in the memorability of logos and the McDonald’s logo has taught us that when you use them well it pays off.

4. Starbucks

Another food restaurant that has a great color scheme as well is Starbucks. The green color is extremely recognizable in the coffee drinking community.

Here are many ways that you can use different colors in your logo to affect your customer’s opinion.

5. Coca-Cola

The next one on the list is Coca-Cola. Unlike some of these brands, Coca-Cola has changed its logo many times over the years. However, the feeling of the brand always remains the same.

One lesson that we can learn from the Coca-Cola logo is that icons and shapes aren’t always necessary. Sometimes, a smart font and the company’s name is good enough to make a difference.

If you have a well-known name you don’t have to complicate things further by introducing a less well-known logo. Instead, create a logo out of your name and let it stand on its own.

6. Google

Google is another brand that played around with colors on their logos. However, the thing that makes Google memorable is not just their colors, although that does help, it’s their smooth design.

The Google logo is clean and easy to look at. There are no harsh lines or jagged edges that catch your eye. Instead, the rounded edges on all of the letters help create that feeling of ease and reliability.

Google then capitalizes on this by providing a easy and trustworthy user experience, thus reinforcing the brand image.

7. Amazon

Amazon is one of our favorite logos to talk about. There are a couple things that make their design special. One of the first is the hidden message tucked away.

Amazon’s logo has an arrow that goes from the A to the Z and is positioned in a way to look like a smile. The message they try to send their customers is that by using their service you will be happy from the start to the finish.

The logo also represents that you’ll be able to find anything from A to Z on the site.

Adding in a hidden message is a great way to add intrigue and memorability to your brand. Here are 10 brands that have successful added hidden meanings in their logos.

8. Pepsi

While the logos behind Pepsi and Coca-Cola are very different, the ideas behind them are the same. Like Coca-Cola, Pepsi’s logo has evolved over the years.

It has capitalized on the blue, red, and white colors. These two ideas have helped Pepsi to stay relevant and in people’s minds.

9. Microsoft

The next one on the list is Microsoft. Microsoft has also changed their logo multiple times. The evolution of this logo has become more and more simple and modern.

The trending style among many of these iconic logos is to be more modern and simple. The changes in Microsoft have followed this trend over the years.

10. Target

Lastly, is Target. Target’s logo is simple and intuitive. It can be used almost anywhere and be recognized.

The red and white design works with a large variety of colors. It also reminds viewers of the company’s name, which is always good for brand recognition.

If you can get your logo to play off of your brand’s name then you’ll have a better chance of people remembering both your name and your logo.

Create Your Iconic Logos for Your Brand

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